…and now for the private entry.
holy crap. erik is amazing.
we were talking sometime last week i think it was and he mentioned that a cute girl came into his job but he restrained himself and i said well you don’t have to it’s not like i’m your girlfriend or anything and he was like you’re not? i thought you were! so we talked and turns out, he’s my boyfriend and i am his girfriend 😀 he just pulled a paulie and decided not to tell me about it. haha.
he’s seriously so fantastic. i fall asleep at night cuddling his dgtrials tshirt and smiling. he makes me so happy. he’s seriously everything i’ve wanted. he’s smart, funny, beautiful, motivated, romantic, a sex feind… he’s just so perfect, and i am just so incredibly happy.
i miss him like crazy. i hate that he lives in atlanta but it’s okay, we’ll survive. i’ll see him in april around my birthday and that’s only a month away so i’m looking forward to it.
i am just absolutely terrified that it’s not going to work out.
because i can see myself with this one. for good.
i re
member the first day we met, hell, the first time i saw him.
i had that feeling and it scared the hell out of me because i knew exactly what it was.
but only time will tell…
he said he has every intention of sticking around for a while, and so do i, so i’m just taking it day to day and keeping my fingers crossed…
…but oh my god is he amazing.

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