i got into philadelphia at 530pm last night… and i’m missing erik like crazy already.
i don’t have a problem with long distance relationships, but this is really starting to hurt because i want to be near him to cuddle and be in his arms and i can’t.
i’ll survive, but i’m absolutely miserable.
i forgot to mention that when he picked me up at the airport on wednesday, i was waiting at the baggage claim, sweaty as hell from the flight and hauling my crap, standing there an absolute disgusting mess, and just as i text him to let him know i landed, i get a message from him…
“turn around”
so i do, and he’s standing there with open arms ready to pick me up and kiss me.
it was SO incredibly romantic
after my last entry on friday, he came home, exhausted because i had tired him out from all the humping, and we took a quick nap. he’d been getting progressively more and more cuddly throughout my stay, which i was happy as hell about. then we went out to the “date” he had been planning…
we went to fernbank, atlanta’s museum of natural
they had this beautiful fancy cocktail and dinner thing and a live romantic-type band right underneath these huge dinosaur displays, really really cool in a geeky romantic way, which i love.
so we had some beers and some drinks and i hadn’t eaten a single thing *all* day and neither had he so we both got pretty drunk (haha i got smashed at the museum!) and then had dinner. it was really good, and it was nice being out on a real date with him. after dinner we had some more drinks and bought tickets to the imax, but had about 40 minutes to kill before it started, so we went for a walk, and there was this beautiful balcony right by where they had the bar so we went out and the moon was full and bright and it was in the middle of the woods and it was just so incredibly beautiful… so we went behind some trees and had sex.
sex at the atlanta museum of natural history.
so good.
but it was good mostly because of who it was with, not where…
afterwards we went to see the imax, cuddled during the whole thing, i was so happy…
we left the museum around 10, back to the apt, took another short nap because we were both so stuffed, then went to meet up with eugene and dennis from DGTrials (some of his very very close/best friends who i’ve never met) at this cool place Central City Tavern. we hung out there till about 230am, it was nice meeting his friends, i got along with the
m pretty well, but i was just happy he introduced me to his ‘boys’.
back to the apartment for a shower and some fun, then some sex and sleep.
but i couldn’t sleep
so around 4am i woke him up with more sex
finally went back to sleep around 5am
we slept late, woke up, had more sex, then went out to breakfast at this really cute, eclectic little diner.
after breakfast he drove me to the airport… he walked me to security, held me tight and kissed me goodbye…
i didn’t cry this time because i know i’ll see him in a few weeks, but oh man i really truely know the definition of “heartache” now.
anyway, i just wanted to recap the last few days i spent with him for my own note-taking ocd.
i had so much fun with him, i really enjoy being around him, and i am so glad that we finally got to spend some quality alone-time together, although it wasn’t much, it really meant a whole lot to me… i know i’ve said it a million times, but it just feels so right with him.
only 19 more days till i see him again…

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