a person can only survive so long on boiled noodles alone…
i have placed myself into an involuntary experiment, and i’m now starting to see the results
it’s a malnourishment experiment, and it sucks.
i ran out of money a few weeks ago
as in, flat broke.
i’m in that awkward inbetween phase where my student loans have been approved but not yet dispersed.
i’ve been surviving for the past three weeks on one bowl of noodles per day.
that’s it.
and it’s finally taking it’s toll.
i feel like absolute shit.
i have no strength, energy, desire to be awake at all
i’ll be standing up, then just randomly fall down
i am getting horrible dizzy spells
i’m nautiously hungry, yet have no appetite
and now i’m starting to get sick 😦
so, i charged *some* groceries tonight in a desperate attempt to not impose an eating disorder upon myself.
and now i’m chugging down orange juice
eating coldeaze as if my life depended on it
vitamins, tylenol cold, extra sleep, etc etc
i refuse to b
e under the weather for this weekend!
does anyone have some tips/tricks that will help me beat this before it turns into a full-blown cold?

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