so i just wrote this *incredibly* long entry…
(took me half an hour to write, typing nonstop. and i type like a bajillion words a minute, you do the math)
and holy shit was it scary
basically it was me falling apart on paper, er, keyboard
about how sad i am.
like, deep down painful inside sad that doesn’t go away easily sad
and how wonderful my friends are for taking care of me
and for somehow being the parents i never had (sounds weird but shuttup it makes sense to me and if i took the time to explain it, it’d make sense to you too)
+ a little bit of me freaking out about the unknown
(and you know what unknown i am talking about
but please don’t post in a comment what that specific unknown is
cause that’d be really sucky for me. thanks)
so i edited it and now it’s a private entry meaning muahaha none of you fuckers will ever get to actually read it ❤

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