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May 31, 2005

more of that ‘learn something new every day’ stuff…
ride4LAme: i ate escargot today too
ainsley127: why
ride4LAme: trying new things
ride4LAme: i am fuckign 20 years old
ride4LAme: there is so much shit i have never done
ainsley127: how was it
ride4LAme: tastes alot like bacon
ride4LAme: but its squishy and gross as fuck
ride4LAme: it was a worthwile experience
ride4LAme: i think i might be allergic to it though
ride4LAme: i got lght headed
ride4LAme: it was cool
ainsley127: thats awesome
ainsley127: you got fucked up from food
ride4LAme: yeah, it was liek sucking helium
ride4LAme: but i didn’t talk wierd
ainsley127: hahahaha
ainsley127: what a let down
ride4LAme: eh, its all good
ride4LAme: i can say i tried escargo
ride4LAme: it looked like a mini small dead vagina
ride4LAme: and tasted like bacon
ride4LAme: you couldn’t have known that
ride4LAme: i am on a mission to try amazing new things
ainsley127: sky diving
ainsley127: with no parachute
ainsley127: give it a whirl
ride4LAme: like new toppings on pizza, mustard on my hotdog, anal, traveling
ride4LAme: should be sweet
ainsley127: hahahaha


May 25, 2005

i guess it is true that you learn something new every day…
here’s today’s lesson:
InitialD RX7: I’m very girly
InitialD RX7: I like penis

sema recap!

May 25, 2005

yaay sema recap!
fun show, not as big as everyone said it was going to be, cause it was still small as crap even compared to last year’s, but it was good.
word on the street is that: i am going going back back to cali cali
but it’s not 100% yet so i won’t get my hopes up
instead, i will just listen to that song on repeat in hope that fate is listening
saw a bunch of my friends i hadn’t seen in a while, from both coasts and some from inbetween
made some new friends, networked a little
ran into some people that i had absolutely no clue who they were but apparently knew me… haha
had a massive ongoing rubber-band-shooting war with the guys from cosworth at the booth across from ours
they started it!
but they were really cool/fun guys 🙂 and they offered me a job to go work for them in *london* when i gradumacate.
british guys with british accents are hot, but i don’t think i could deal with england food. ha.
still, it was quite the ego boost 😀
let’s see, what else…
there were random momen
ts of extreme randomness
and random moments of extreme boredom
and both combined
(evidence: below picture)

my boyfriend ladies and gentleman.
oh what i a lucky girl i am… ha.
but the booth looked good considering the extreme low-budget strategy of it 😉

i had a whole lot more to say about that weekend but it is escaping my mind at the moment because it’s week9 and finals are just around the corner and i am saving my thinking for more important stuffs.

May 19, 2005

i forgot to mention…
to everyone who will be attending sema ias this weekend:
stop by the dg trials booth or die

see all you fuckers there!

May 19, 2005

i figure i should at least make some sort of attempt to update before this weekend…
so um, pat came down to philly friday night bringing my brand-new, shiny, spectacular new car!
not exactly
it’s an ’89 Nissan 240SX (SE)… 5spd, KA24E (yay pignose!) hatch
and it’s a total shitbox
and i fucking love it to death!
the doors don’t lock
the power steering doesn’t work
there is duct tape all over the hatch from a missing stock wing
and there is no driverside seatbelt
i took an old seatbelt from the G20 (thankgod i am a jew and save all my old/spare parts! hooray!) and ZIPTIED it to *look* as if i have a functional seatbelt so i don’t get any seatbelt tickets)
i don’t know if i should be proud or embarassed… hah.
the 240 had a flat so saturday i dropped it to be patched and took the G up to atco to meet up with bothwell for a weekend of racing
they did decently during qualifying, ran into some engine issues later that night
sunday they made it to the fin
als and lost to gardella by .08 seconds.
ugh, another 20 feet and we would have had him
but the car just really wasn’t running right at all
oh well, better luck next time
it was great getting to see steve and woody and the rest of the crew, they are such a fun group of guys 🙂
a fun conversation between me and mark while getting the car ready for a trip to the pitlanes:
mark: ainsley, have you lost weight?
me: yeah actually i have, i’m on a diet
mark: really? which one?
me: the i-can’t-afford-food diet hahaha
mark: well, you look wonderful!
actually ran into this guy i met over two years ago who drives this sick Evolution V and i didn’t expect him to remember me but he totally did and we wound up kickin it for a bit. good times. also ran into the love of my life *swoon* but that is a pipe dream and i am a groupie so i shall avoid mentioning more about this for fear of embarassment 😉
hrmm what else
got a free alignment and tire rotation on the G because the guys at firestone love me
the front (now rear) tires are so bald they’re practically slicks but i can’t afford new ones. hah.
classes this week,
leaving for atlantic city tomorrow night for a long semaias weekend
should be a lot of fun
j is gonna be there not for sema but just for fun
and a bunch of my friends fro
m la who i haven’t seen in ages will be there
and a bunch of good friends from here will be there *cough*hamid*cough* 😉
so now, sleep

May 13, 2005

happy friday the 13th… NOT
my fucking external hard drive crashed and burned last night
all of my files, mp3s, videos, and most imporantly, alllll my photos from the past five years or so
the worst part?
i was planning on doing a massive backup *this weekend* of everything to get it all synch’ed up “just in case”

May 3, 2005

so this guy that i used to kick it with since freshman year im’ed me today. i hadn’t spoken to him in seriously almost a year. i don’t remember why we fell out of touch, but apparently it was all a huge misunderstanding and well that sucked. he moved out of state so it’s not like we’d get to kick it again, but it certainly is nice to know that people you thought were jerks really weren’t and that sometimes situations are hazy and yeah, that’s all for now.

May 3, 2005

a good weekend, another win for the garrett/bothwell team…
saturday it rained like crazy so the event was cancelled. pat showed up on my doorstep like a lost puppy, we hung around the apartment and watched movies all day. \m/
sunday rolled around and i managed to climb out of bed at a somewhat respectable hour, and drove up to the track. it was still cold and somewhat crappy out. blah.
spent the day running around watching qualifying and eliminations which had been all smushed into sunday.
we won, set a track record, blah blah blah the usual 🙂
ran into a bunch of people that i really *hadn’t* seen in ages, and it was nice to play catch-up.
later on that evening, after all the garrett people had left and only bothwell was still there prepping the car for atco’s race in two weeks, patrick got to help out doing some of the bitchwork and got a tour of our hauler, and he was in heaven. it was the cutest thing in the world, i could literally see his eyes light up like a christmas tree. aww. plus i got to take home two huge boxes of leftover groceries
from our professional chef, that means i have food for the week! woot!
it was great seeing the team again… woody, steve, gil, of course ron, and all the rest, i really had missed those guys. they mess with me ultrahardcore and i bring it just as hard, and i love them for that. we were all standing around talking and whatnot late that evening, and i got a reallllly cute textmessage from erik, and it made me “aww!” outloud. they rode me hard for that. haha. but it’s all in good fun. kinda like if i had a group of (really) older brothers. they’re just such an incredible group of hardworking, fantastic, generous and humble guys. i feel very fortunate not only knowing but getting to work with them.
…i’m counting the days till atco…
i had more to update but today’s been a longgg day and my brain is fried. too bad it’s not even half over. bleh.