a good weekend, another win for the garrett/bothwell team…
saturday it rained like crazy so the event was cancelled. pat showed up on my doorstep like a lost puppy, we hung around the apartment and watched movies all day. \m/
sunday rolled around and i managed to climb out of bed at a somewhat respectable hour, and drove up to the track. it was still cold and somewhat crappy out. blah.
spent the day running around watching qualifying and eliminations which had been all smushed into sunday.
we won, set a track record, blah blah blah the usual 🙂
ran into a bunch of people that i really *hadn’t* seen in ages, and it was nice to play catch-up.
later on that evening, after all the garrett people had left and only bothwell was still there prepping the car for atco’s race in two weeks, patrick got to help out doing some of the bitchwork and got a tour of our hauler, and he was in heaven. it was the cutest thing in the world, i could literally see his eyes light up like a christmas tree. aww. plus i got to take home two huge boxes of leftover groceries
from our professional chef, that means i have food for the week! woot!
it was great seeing the team again… woody, steve, gil, of course ron, and all the rest, i really had missed those guys. they mess with me ultrahardcore and i bring it just as hard, and i love them for that. we were all standing around talking and whatnot late that evening, and i got a reallllly cute textmessage from erik, and it made me “aww!” outloud. they rode me hard for that. haha. but it’s all in good fun. kinda like if i had a group of (really) older brothers. they’re just such an incredible group of hardworking, fantastic, generous and humble guys. i feel very fortunate not only knowing but getting to work with them.
…i’m counting the days till atco…
i had more to update but today’s been a longgg day and my brain is fried. too bad it’s not even half over. bleh.

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