sema recap!

yaay sema recap!
fun show, not as big as everyone said it was going to be, cause it was still small as crap even compared to last year’s, but it was good.
word on the street is that: i am going going back back to cali cali
but it’s not 100% yet so i won’t get my hopes up
instead, i will just listen to that song on repeat in hope that fate is listening
saw a bunch of my friends i hadn’t seen in a while, from both coasts and some from inbetween
made some new friends, networked a little
ran into some people that i had absolutely no clue who they were but apparently knew me… haha
had a massive ongoing rubber-band-shooting war with the guys from cosworth at the booth across from ours
they started it!
but they were really cool/fun guys 🙂 and they offered me a job to go work for them in *london* when i gradumacate.
british guys with british accents are hot, but i don’t think i could deal with england food. ha.
still, it was quite the ego boost 😀
let’s see, what else…
there were random momen
ts of extreme randomness
and random moments of extreme boredom
and both combined
(evidence: below picture)

my boyfriend ladies and gentleman.
oh what i a lucky girl i am… ha.
but the booth looked good considering the extreme low-budget strategy of it 😉

i had a whole lot more to say about that weekend but it is escaping my mind at the moment because it’s week9 and finals are just around the corner and i am saving my thinking for more important stuffs.

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