more of that ‘learn something new every day’ stuff…
ride4LAme: i ate escargot today too
ainsley127: why
ride4LAme: trying new things
ride4LAme: i am fuckign 20 years old
ride4LAme: there is so much shit i have never done
ainsley127: how was it
ride4LAme: tastes alot like bacon
ride4LAme: but its squishy and gross as fuck
ride4LAme: it was a worthwile experience
ride4LAme: i think i might be allergic to it though
ride4LAme: i got lght headed
ride4LAme: it was cool
ainsley127: thats awesome
ainsley127: you got fucked up from food
ride4LAme: yeah, it was liek sucking helium
ride4LAme: but i didn’t talk wierd
ainsley127: hahahaha
ainsley127: what a let down
ride4LAme: eh, its all good
ride4LAme: i can say i tried escargo
ride4LAme: it looked like a mini small dead vagina
ride4LAme: and tasted like bacon
ride4LAme: you couldn’t have known that
ride4LAme: i am on a mission to try amazing new things
ainsley127: sky diving
ainsley127: with no parachute
ainsley127: give it a whirl
ride4LAme: like new toppings on pizza, mustard on my hotdog, anal, traveling
ride4LAme: should be sweet
ainsley127: hahahaha

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