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June 29, 2005

a quote from a friend of a friend, on discussing sports cars…
“I have a manual because I personally look down on ‘sports cars’ with automatics…. just something about ’em… It’s like a chick with a tattoo near her vagina…. doesn’t mean the girl is a slut, but kinda makes you think she is.”
SO true


June 27, 2005

ride4LAme: i am hip as fuck
ride4LAme: you have no idea how many brand names i am wearing right now
ride4LAme: diesel, abercrombie, gap, reebok
ride4LAme: a Drift alliance wristband
ride4LAme: no name socksn
ride4LAme: old navy boxers
ride4LAme: they are floral
ride4LAme: and i am wearing girls pants
ride4LAme: i am so fucking cool
ainsley127: wow you must get all the chicks
ride4LAme: i do
ride4LAme: more then i can handle

June 20, 2005

first day back to class, summer term sucks already.
but i did have a good “vacation”, if you can call it that.
here’s a recap of the whole trip mixed into one big mess, in chronological order, but since it’s way too long, done in +/- form
it all started on friday, june 10th and ended when i left on saturday, june 18…
+ supposedly flying to atlanta to drive with torrey and josh to houston to watch erik drive in formula d
+ getting to the airport on time and being seranaded by the baggage check dude
– my flight getting delayed
– my flight getting delayed again, then again (3 times total)
– my flight getting canceled
– my luggage sitting out on the runway in a torrential downpour for 45 minutes
+ getting a seat on another flight
– the gate getting changed, me having to wander around the airport
– the gate getting changed again, again, and again (4x total) with absolutely no notice or announcement
+ the plane finally departing with me on it
– landing in atlanta at 9:30pm when i was scheduled to *leave*
atlanta at 5pm origionally
– my luggage not showing up
– the airline telling me “we have no record of your luggage anywhere, nor do we have any idea where it might be”
+ the possibility it would be on the next flight from philly arriving at midnight
– that flight being delayed until 2am
– the fact that it wasn’t on that flight, and they still had no idea
– the fact that the people at us airways suck fucking cock and i cried a lot
+ erik being an absolutely *incredible* boyfriend and busting his ass to (try to) locate my luggage all day saturday
+ erik being an absolutely *incredible* boyfriend and cheering me up/calming me down
– being stuck in atlanta all weekend since i couldn’t go to houston without my stuff
– the “hurriane” that hit atlanta
+ my luggage finally showing up late saturday night
– all my clothes were soggy from when they sat out on the runway 😦
+ going to lots of bars and a club with torrey and josh all weekend and getting tons of free drinks because i was “upset” 😉
+ seeing madagascar with torrey, awesome movie
+ finally getting to erik’s sunday night around 1am
+ erik coming home and waking me up with a kiss aww ❤
+ erik (*giggles*)
– me bitching that we don’t spend enough “couple” time together and being overall “greedy” as he puts it 😉
+ p
laying minigolf, pirate style
+ me kicking his ass, by one stroke 😀
+ lovely dinner afterwards
– his 240 not being finished when it should have been
– sitting at finishline for 12ish hours or something i don’t remember
+ talking for hours with sae’s girlfriend, she’s a down ass chick 🙂
+ a big korean man singing country music at the top of his lungs
– auto to 5spd swap gone horribly wrong
– the transmission sounding like it was going to implode on the drive home
+ the VW Fox box with white socks
+ dinner at olive garden (yay!)
– me forgetting to bring my bag/ID…
+ the waiter asking me if i’m 21, me replying yes i swear, him asking erik if he should trust me, and erik saying “i’ve been dating her 6 months and i don’t even trust her *wink*” hah. thanks jerkface 😉
+ being served anyway
+ me: “do you want to order desert?” erik: “i’m looking at it” awww
+ erik popping a boner at olive garden after dinner when we were throwing the mint wrappers at each other. um…? haha
– erik having to leave friday night when my flight wasn’t until saturday morning *pout*
– sleeping alone in his bed that night *pout again*
+ having a wonderful vacation
+ spending lots of time with erik
– it’s never enough time 😦
+ him taking such incredibly good care of me the w
hole week i was down there
+ lots of cuddling, and lots of the fun stuff that goes along with cuddling 😀
+ tons more stuff i really can’t remember at the moment but probably will eventually
– having to say goodbye… :*(

June 3, 2005

yayayaya *bounces up and down*
i am going to texas!!!
formula d houston holler!
i have never been to the lone star state (hah) before and i am sooo excited!
i am gonna mack it to cowboys
and buy a cowgirl hat
and hug a cactus
and omg so excited
and then, atlanta for a week or so.
who wants to volunteer to drive me to the philly airport on june 10th and pick me up on the 18th??
yee-haw motherfuckers!

i am smart sometimes, i swear!

June 3, 2005

agree or disagree?
friend: it’s funny…my ex texted me the other day this…
friend: “you know how you said passion was the #1 important thing in a relationship?…and I said no it wasn’t, you were right…”…
me: hah
friend: she would say love is….it’s not
me: stupid girl
me: no, you cannot have love without passion
me: love without passion is just tolerance
friend: sure you can… it’s the diffeance between “loving someone” and “being IN love with someone”
me: there are degrees of love sure
me: but i was referencing being In Love
me: you can’t be In Love with someone without the passion
friend: I love my ex…but I’m not “in” love with her anymore…
me: cause otherwise then you just tolerate/enjoy their company
friend: true that *
me: right.  i love EDIT. always will. but i fucking hate him to death.
friend: exactly…and bitterness is a test of true love…
friend: if I’ve learned one thing it’s forginess…the only problem is…I forgive…but i still don’t lov
e them…LOL
me: because if there was no love then you wouldn’t be bitter
me: bitterness is a result of not being able to truely let that person go
friend: sometimes… .intresting…
me: mm i am smart/deep tonight
friend: LOL
friend: yes… maybe you’re right in that sense
me: haha i should save this so i can prove to people it happens
me: oh i am right
friend: sense I’m not longer in love then I”ve let go…which would explain why some of my ex’s still say “nolstagic” things that I don’t understand why they do it…and then sit there with this gleam in their eye”…like I remember and smile b/c something good happened…but they are sad in someway
friend: maybe it’s a gender thing where girls hold on more…where primal men move on…LOL
me: i don’t know
me: i’ve moved on from many guys
me: but the ones i truely cared about, now matter how much i despise them now, there will always be a place in my heart that misses them
friend: mmm… I think I only really miss one to the point where I ever think emotionaly about her, I mean yeah ofcourse you miss people, but only one makes me miss them in an “all around” sense…I miss the passionate relationships, but I think that’s more lust for the great sex we had…LOL
friend: *degrades the convo quickly:-)
me: well it’s not that you miss the person to think about them emotionally, i’m talking about the bitterness
me: being bitter only means that you cared about the person enough to never truely let go, otherwise there wouldn’t be any hostility at all
me: so, i guess being bitter can be a very complementory thing towards another person
me: and it doesn’t just pertain to love
me: there was this friend i had several years ago, we were really close, she fucked me over big time. as much as i fucking hate her now, i am bitter because we really did have a great friendship and i cared about her a lot and that’s where my point lies, i cared about her enough to still after all these years, feel something when i think of it
me: if i didn’t care i could have just been like “eh” and never thought about it again
me: does that make any sense?
so answer, yes or no?

June 2, 2005

*sigh of relief*
i got my harddrive back today from fantom drives…
when it broke i had like, 8 days left of waranty
it was not the actual drive itself,
but rather the internal power supply and cooling fan that failed
they replaced it
and it’s back on my desk
and ALL of my files are still there, perfectly intact
*jumps up and down*
also, i have my statistics final next week
and i have been surviving the whole course using just a 4-function basic +-*/ calculator
and i need a graphic calc, but with the 9+ times i’ve moved over the past three years i kinda misplaced mine
so this awesome guy in my class who i don’t even know all that well but he’s cool as hell
*gave* me a *brand new* Ti-89, the blingest of the bling graphic calcs
it’s incredible.
now not only do i have to study for my exam,
i have to study/figure out how to use this damn minicomputer
but yayyy it is a new toy, and i haven’t gotten a new toy in forever
anyway, he said he got it for
me because he knew i needed it, and he appreciated that i had been looking out for him throughout the term
apparently i helped him out a bunch, i didn’t realize it, i was just trying to be nice, never wanted anything in return
those things are hella expensive and i feel bad taking it (i tried telling him i couldn’t accept it) but he insisted
i ❤ karma.