*sigh of relief*
i got my harddrive back today from fantom drives…
when it broke i had like, 8 days left of waranty
it was not the actual drive itself,
but rather the internal power supply and cooling fan that failed
they replaced it
and it’s back on my desk
and ALL of my files are still there, perfectly intact
*jumps up and down*
also, i have my statistics final next week
and i have been surviving the whole course using just a 4-function basic +-*/ calculator
and i need a graphic calc, but with the 9+ times i’ve moved over the past three years i kinda misplaced mine
so this awesome guy in my class who i don’t even know all that well but he’s cool as hell
*gave* me a *brand new* Ti-89, the blingest of the bling graphic calcs
it’s incredible.
now not only do i have to study for my exam,
i have to study/figure out how to use this damn minicomputer
but yayyy it is a new toy, and i haven’t gotten a new toy in forever
anyway, he said he got it for
me because he knew i needed it, and he appreciated that i had been looking out for him throughout the term
apparently i helped him out a bunch, i didn’t realize it, i was just trying to be nice, never wanted anything in return
those things are hella expensive and i feel bad taking it (i tried telling him i couldn’t accept it) but he insisted
i ❤ karma.

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