i am smart sometimes, i swear!

agree or disagree?
friend: it’s funny…my ex texted me the other day this…
friend: “you know how you said passion was the #1 important thing in a relationship?…and I said no it wasn’t, you were right…”…
me: hah
friend: she would say love is….it’s not
me: stupid girl
me: no, you cannot have love without passion
me: love without passion is just tolerance
friend: sure you can… it’s the diffeance between “loving someone” and “being IN love with someone”
me: there are degrees of love sure
me: but i was referencing being In Love
me: you can’t be In Love with someone without the passion
friend: I love my ex…but I’m not “in” love with her anymore…
me: cause otherwise then you just tolerate/enjoy their company
friend: true that *
me: right.  i love EDIT. always will. but i fucking hate him to death.
friend: exactly…and bitterness is a test of true love…
friend: if I’ve learned one thing it’s forginess…the only problem is…I forgive…but i still don’t lov
e them…LOL
me: because if there was no love then you wouldn’t be bitter
me: bitterness is a result of not being able to truely let that person go
friend: sometimes… .intresting…
me: mm i am smart/deep tonight
friend: LOL
friend: yes… maybe you’re right in that sense
me: haha i should save this so i can prove to people it happens
me: oh i am right
friend: sense I’m not longer in love then I”ve let go…which would explain why some of my ex’s still say “nolstagic” things that I don’t understand why they do it…and then sit there with this gleam in their eye”…like I remember and smile b/c something good happened…but they are sad in someway
friend: maybe it’s a gender thing where girls hold on more…where primal men move on…LOL
me: i don’t know
me: i’ve moved on from many guys
me: but the ones i truely cared about, now matter how much i despise them now, there will always be a place in my heart that misses them
friend: mmm… I think I only really miss one to the point where I ever think emotionaly about her, I mean yeah ofcourse you miss people, but only one makes me miss them in an “all around” sense…I miss the passionate relationships, but I think that’s more lust for the great sex we had…LOL
friend: *degrades the convo quickly:-)
me: well it’s not that you miss the person to think about them emotionally, i’m talking about the bitterness
me: being bitter only means that you cared about the person enough to never truely let go, otherwise there wouldn’t be any hostility at all
me: so, i guess being bitter can be a very complementory thing towards another person
me: and it doesn’t just pertain to love
me: there was this friend i had several years ago, we were really close, she fucked me over big time. as much as i fucking hate her now, i am bitter because we really did have a great friendship and i cared about her a lot and that’s where my point lies, i cared about her enough to still after all these years, feel something when i think of it
me: if i didn’t care i could have just been like “eh” and never thought about it again
me: does that make any sense?
so answer, yes or no?

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