first day back to class, summer term sucks already.
but i did have a good “vacation”, if you can call it that.
here’s a recap of the whole trip mixed into one big mess, in chronological order, but since it’s way too long, done in +/- form
it all started on friday, june 10th and ended when i left on saturday, june 18…
+ supposedly flying to atlanta to drive with torrey and josh to houston to watch erik drive in formula d
+ getting to the airport on time and being seranaded by the baggage check dude
– my flight getting delayed
– my flight getting delayed again, then again (3 times total)
– my flight getting canceled
– my luggage sitting out on the runway in a torrential downpour for 45 minutes
+ getting a seat on another flight
– the gate getting changed, me having to wander around the airport
– the gate getting changed again, again, and again (4x total) with absolutely no notice or announcement
+ the plane finally departing with me on it
– landing in atlanta at 9:30pm when i was scheduled to *leave*
atlanta at 5pm origionally
– my luggage not showing up
– the airline telling me “we have no record of your luggage anywhere, nor do we have any idea where it might be”
+ the possibility it would be on the next flight from philly arriving at midnight
– that flight being delayed until 2am
– the fact that it wasn’t on that flight, and they still had no idea
– the fact that the people at us airways suck fucking cock and i cried a lot
+ erik being an absolutely *incredible* boyfriend and busting his ass to (try to) locate my luggage all day saturday
+ erik being an absolutely *incredible* boyfriend and cheering me up/calming me down
– being stuck in atlanta all weekend since i couldn’t go to houston without my stuff
– the “hurriane” that hit atlanta
+ my luggage finally showing up late saturday night
– all my clothes were soggy from when they sat out on the runway 😦
+ going to lots of bars and a club with torrey and josh all weekend and getting tons of free drinks because i was “upset” πŸ˜‰
+ seeing madagascar with torrey, awesome movie
+ finally getting to erik’s sunday night around 1am
+ erik coming home and waking me up with a kiss aww ❀
+ erik (*giggles*)
– me bitching that we don’t spend enough “couple” time together and being overall “greedy” as he puts it πŸ˜‰
+ p
laying minigolf, pirate style
+ me kicking his ass, by one stroke πŸ˜€
+ lovely dinner afterwards
– his 240 not being finished when it should have been
– sitting at finishline for 12ish hours or something i don’t remember
+ talking for hours with sae’s girlfriend, she’s a down ass chick πŸ™‚
+ a big korean man singing country music at the top of his lungs
– auto to 5spd swap gone horribly wrong
– the transmission sounding like it was going to implode on the drive home
+ the VW Fox box with white socks
+ dinner at olive garden (yay!)
– me forgetting to bring my bag/ID…
+ the waiter asking me if i’m 21, me replying yes i swear, him asking erik if he should trust me, and erik saying “i’ve been dating her 6 months and i don’t even trust her *wink*” hah. thanks jerkface πŸ˜‰
+ being served anyway
+ me: “do you want to order desert?” erik: “i’m looking at it” awww
+ erik popping a boner at olive garden after dinner when we were throwing the mint wrappers at each other. um…? haha
– erik having to leave friday night when my flight wasn’t until saturday morning *pout*
– sleeping alone in his bed that night *pout again*
+ having a wonderful vacation
+ spending lots of time with erik
– it’s never enough time 😦
+ him taking such incredibly good care of me the w
hole week i was down there
+ lots of cuddling, and lots of the fun stuff that goes along with cuddling πŸ˜€
+ tons more stuff i really can’t remember at the moment but probably will eventually
– having to say goodbye… :*(


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