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christmas in july what what!

July 22, 2005

i went “shopping” yesterday…
everything on this list is *brand new*:
– oil pump (entire front cover)
– water pump
– alternator
– starter
– timing chain / tensioner / guides / etc.
– rockers
– *titanium* valve springs
– *bronze* valve guides
– valve seals
– retainers
– nismo fuel pressure regulator
– nismo thermostat
– cap & rotor
– plugs
– clutch cable
– belts
– pcv valve
– upper *and* lower oil pans
– freeze plugs
– 5 oil filters
– every single gasket / seal / o-ring
i already have in my possesion:
– det crank
– eagle h-beams
– wiseco 87mm 9.2:1 pistons
– GT2680RLS turbo (disco potato)
– jwt S4 cams (.464″ lift, 266* duration, i & e)
– hks rocker arm stoppers
– mototron 60lb/hr injectors, flow matched
– ftf fuel rail
– walbro fuel pump (on car already)
what i still need to get:
– arp head & main studs
– cometic head gasket
– bearings
– griffin radiator
– tir
– slimfan
– jwt retuned ecu
build plans for the new motor:
– 87mm (1mm overbored) block
– milled and acid washed highport head
– 5-angle valve job
– bowl work
– port/polish
– booooooost
hopefully i can finally get the new motor done, in the car, and running before i have to drive back to LA in september 😀


July 11, 2005

pfft, and they say laziness never pays off…
so it has been brought to my attention that co-op A-round just ended. or is ending. or something.
wellllll, back when it first started, i *briefly* looked through *some* of the jobs offered by drexel and decided that all the ones pertaining to my major totally sucked and i didn’t want to have anything to do with them.
and that’s where i stopped.
i didn’t go on any interviews, let alone even apply for any. eff that.
i didn’t send out any resumes
i didn’t bother looking for an independent job.
nope, nothing.
i sat back and said fuck it 🙂
last week my boss from Garrett called me
yeah, they’re bringing me back in september for another co-op!
meaning, i get to move *back* to los angeles
hooray another cross-country drive
(i really really REALLY hope i can get my motor built and installed in time)
and i can just move back into my old apartment since anthony is still living there
so my rent will be *half* of what it was before
good things come to those who wait.
soooo true! 😀

July 7, 2005

time for an update i suppose…
this past weekend was nice,
i went to the barn and got to see my baby
rode mo for about 2.5 hours, holy crap my butt was so sore.
i hadn’t ridden in over a year and i haven’t oiled my saddle in probably thrice that, so yeah, ouch.
he did at one point decide that while we were running to throw his head up straight so i had no control over him
(he needs a tune up badly. wouldn’t respond to my seat/weight, and his mouth is hard as rocks, plus his curb chain was mia)
pully-reining him (and numerous other stop-techniques) and didn’t work,
i leaned forward at a full flat-out gallop and fucking punched him in the forehead.
yeah, he stopped.
i felt so bad though.
i didn’t want to have to hit him, but he needs to learn he can’t run away with people
if i didn’t have as much experience as i do, i could’ve been seriously hurt
mo is the greatest horse, he is incredible but since i haven’t worked with him in so long he is rusty and really needs work.
unfortunately i don’t have t
he time or money to do that 😦
it’s such a shame…
after i went and picked up liz and her boyfriend and went over to see joy and the baby
omg cutest kid evAr
and he is a giraffeophile (hah, rad word)
then what, uh, went to paulie’s new apartment and chilled there for a bit.
spent most of sunday sprawled in front of the tv since i was in so much pain from riding i couldn’t move
i don’t remember the rest of what happened but it really was a great weekend
got back to philly and went to watch fireworks with chris, mike, and their three other roommates
i never quite understood philly & the 4th…
i mean, who’s brilliant idea was it to shoot off tons of fireworks (read: explosives and fire) from the steps of the fucking *art* museum?
also, equally as random was the impromtu (well, at least to me it was) elton john 30minute set.
it was kinda cool seeing him live, not that i ever had any desire to do so, but it was actually kinda neat.
the end.