pfft, and they say laziness never pays off…
so it has been brought to my attention that co-op A-round just ended. or is ending. or something.
wellllll, back when it first started, i *briefly* looked through *some* of the jobs offered by drexel and decided that all the ones pertaining to my major totally sucked and i didn’t want to have anything to do with them.
and that’s where i stopped.
i didn’t go on any interviews, let alone even apply for any. eff that.
i didn’t send out any resumes
i didn’t bother looking for an independent job.
nope, nothing.
i sat back and said fuck it 🙂
last week my boss from Garrett called me
yeah, they’re bringing me back in september for another co-op!
meaning, i get to move *back* to los angeles
hooray another cross-country drive
(i really really REALLY hope i can get my motor built and installed in time)
and i can just move back into my old apartment since anthony is still living there
so my rent will be *half* of what it was before
good things come to those who wait.
soooo true! 😀

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