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August 28, 2005

so uh, today i convinced j to move/drive to los angeles with me. hooray!
ainsley127: so uh, i should probably warn you about anthony…
onexletter: haha
onexletter: what about?
ainsley127: um…
ainsley127: he did time for larsony
ainsley127: so don’t bring anything valuable okay?
onexletter: you really think he’d take my stuff?
ainsley127: i don’t know…
onexletter: cause i mean… my monitor is pretty expensive…
ainsley127: hahaha i am fucking with you!!!! anthony is the sweetest, gentlest guy i’ve ever met
ainsley127: he’s an ANGEL
onexletter: dude
ainsley127: hahahahaah
onexletter: i hate you so much
onexletter: seriously
ainsley127: [(you + me) / small apartment] ^ los angeles = FUNFUCKINGTASTICAL adventures
onexletter: hahaha
ainsley127: i am good at math!
onexletter: we have to work in anthony too for some things  =P
ainsley127: okay okay
onexletter: btw… first night there… we’re all goin down to the beac
onexletter: just because we can
ainsley127: [(you + me + |anthony|) / small apartment] ^ los angeles = answer
ainsley127: he is absolute
ainsley127: cause he’s already there
ainsley127: hahahaha
ainsley127: yes
ainsley127: beach
ainsley127: of course
onexletter: so he’s always positive?
onexletter: =D
ainsley127: you have no idea
ainsley127: he’s SO wonderful
ainsley127: i am good at peoplemath!
onexletter: haha great.. i get to be the asshole then
ainsley127: well yeah
ainsley127: and i’m the oblivious ditzy girl
ainsley127: now all we need is a token black guy and we’re set…
onexletter: and then we go on crimesolving adventures!
ainsley127: YES!
onexletter: we need a van
ainsley127: what for?
i can’t wait to get back to LA 😀


August 26, 2005

it’s so hard to make someone happy when they won’t open themself to the possiblity…

August 23, 2005

sponsored0: Its gonna be a flurry of friends
ainsley127: omg that was so homosexual

August 22, 2005

i’m standing on shaky ground…
…praying it won’t collapse.