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November 27, 2005

recap of this weekend:
me kicking ass, and having some stranger tell me “wow, you’re really good at this aren’t you?” 🙂
rsx mini-meet tonight-
random guy: so, that’s your roommate? (talking about j)
me: yeah
random guy: but you have a boyfriend?
me: yeah
random guy: is that kosher?
me: yeah, j’s a jew
random guy bursts out laughing
just now watching that 70’s show-
donna is at a strip club for her bacholorette party
it’s a dude strip club
j says: wow, the knockers on that naked girl neon sign in the background are really small
me: uhh,… that’s a DUDE


as promised…

November 20, 2005

okay, well, it’s sunday, i’m sitting on the couch watching mxc and figured i might as well get this out of the way before i procrastinate even longer. since it’s been 3 months and i couldn’t possibly remember everything that’s gone on in that period of time, i’m gonna break ti down into categories and try and highlight the most stand-out-ish parts of each. my apologies to anyone/anything i forget…
motor swap #3 sucked major ass. i owe my life to hamid. without him this never would’ve happened. problem after problem after problem kept surfacing and i was just so incredibly upset i gave up entirely and he was amazing and well, baby, thank you for all your hard work and for helping me so much. i owe you the world.
getting to los angeles was a TON of fun. i left on a sunday night, crashed in buckingham at chris’s, then drove to atlanta monday morning. wore a bikini top cause it was hot out, got hit on/made friends with multiple truckers. hooray for cb radios. i think. anyway, spent a week in atlanta with erik. went to the nopi nationals, had a
great time. all i really remember is working for turtle wax and making $400 to do abssolutely nothing, and packing 8 people (i think it was 8?) onto a little tiny golf cart. j drove down to atlanta from ny the last sunday of nopi, and he and i headed for LA on monday morning. first stop if i remember correctly was marshall, texas. stayed in this little bumfuck town the next night, van horn texas. seriously, this place was like population 23, nearest town 200 miles in any direction. hah. yea. still rockin the bikini, 120* temperatures and no a/c in my car, i had to do what i had to do to surivive. got a wicked seatbelt sunburn tan in the process but whatever. oh, i bought a cowgirl hat somewhere in texas. yee haw! for real this time. what else, got to see the rio grande, from a distance. some funny conversation between j and i which included me pointing out mexico to him to our left and him replying something about we should go across the border and mow their lawns. hah. stayed in phoenix the next night at jon’s, was supposed to stay two nights but apparently it was pollen season in arizona (wtf?) and i got deathly ill and decided we had to leave after the first night. oh well 😦 as j and i were leaving, around 8pm, it was pitch dark and we were in the middle of nowhere, and this weird orange streak of light goes across the sky and just lingers. we didn’t know what it was, jon didn’t know, nobody knew. it was r
eally really creepy. i thought it was an alien or something, since we were in the middle of the desert. haha. found out later that night that a rocket had been launched in socal and what we saw was the tail of it as it went through the atmosphere or something. eerie, but really cool once we found out what caused it. got to the apartment in cali about 230am thursday night. roadtrip complete.
apartment is exactly the same as last year. well, not exactly the same. location wise, yes, but now i’m living with two roomies (ie: killers of all bugs! yay!) it’s nice having company, i LOVE living with J, he’s so much fun and silly and well, he’s the best girlfriend a girl could ask for 🙂 anthony is supposedly leaving to go back to virginia after thanksgiving, he’s quitting california.
work same as last year. same job, same people. it’s good. no complaints at the moment 🙂
sema vegas was awesome. met a ton of really awesome people, had a really great time, all in all i had a blast.
G20 isn’t doing too well. well, she is, but she’s got a “mystery noise” that nobody can figure out. she’s been over at bothwell for 2 weeks now (the people that build the garrett racecar) and they can’t figure it out. it’s this weird metal on metal tick noise that only happens at certain rpm and throttle points. like, from a
dead stop, it’ll start around 2800-3000rpm, and it’ll continue to make the noise until i either lay into it and give it more gas (then it stops) or if i back off the throttle (it stops). if i’m just cruising, driving normally, like 40mph, at 12% throttle, it does it loud as hell. but if i go + or – even 3% throttle, it stops. it’s SO weird. it’s not a lifter or valves or timing chain tensioner or anything. there’s no evidence of metal in my oil. it’s not detonating. it’s fucking crazy. but it does pull hard as hell. i had to do an emergency turbo upgrade before i left for atlanta and so now i’m running that disco i bought last march (GT2860RLS .86a/r) and the car is seriously fast as crap now. i love it. i love driving it. i can’t wait to fix this noise so i can do my fuel upgrade and turn the boost up to like 18psi… w00t.
i don’t think i posted this yet, so here are the specs on the new engine, version 4.1
SR20DE+T US-Spec SR20DE block 1mm overbored (86mm stroke x 87mm bore), milled and acid washed US-Spec highport head, Wiseco 9.0:1 87mm pistons, Eagle H-beam connecting rods, U12 DET balanced and micropolished crankshaft, ARP Head/Main studs, Cometic head gasket, Jim Wolf Technology S4 Cams (0.464″ lift, 266* duration), HKS Rocker Arm Stoppers, 1mm oversized Manley valves, 3-angle valve job, bowl port/blend, JWT Titanium valve springs, JWT Bronze va
lve guides, Garrett GT2860RLS .86a/r disco potato turbo
engine build/machine work was done by Chris Forrest at AETech in Doylestown, PA
240SX i sold it to a friend who needed a winter beater for $1 with the understanding i will get the car back in april or whenever. he is painting it this weekend. it’s black. that means i can do pink vinyl when i get it back. hahaha. he has fixed or is fixing *all* the problems that car had. i’m so grateful to him. i’m sure wilma is too. but i’m glad he could use her, she needed a good home and was just “sitting” over winter. it’s a win-win situation for me, rob, and wilma 🙂
boyfriend it’s coming up on 1 year already. wow. things are going well i think. we have fun, i care about him tons and tons, it just sucks that it’s long distance. granted, i’d rather have him in my life and far away than not at all, but it does cause problems. i’m willing to work through them if he is, and so far, things are okay. he makes me so incredibly happy… he came out the other weekend to go to the garrett/bothwell we-won-the-championship-so-let’s-celebrate part (NHRA sport compact hot rod world champions… 7.76 and 187.68mph) which was *so* sweet of him. here’s a picture of me in a dress just so everyone can laugh at me

well, now that i finally updated i will probably do so more frequently. i was just procrastinating this entry. anyway, back to mxc…

November 20, 2005

i wonder if anyone still reads this… considering it’s been almost 3+ months since i’ve updated… i should probably get around to that soon…