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December 23, 2005

so me and rob were talking about our relationships…
me: how’re you and sam?
rob: we’re excellent
me: when’s the wedding?
rob: things are good, i’ll leave it at that
me: saving yourself for me huh?
rob: yea i am waiting for maybe a week long break up out of you guys
me: hahaha there is a waiting list a mile long for when we break up
me: so get in line
rob: sweetheart I am the bouncer of that line
hahaha so true…


December 23, 2005

i had the most random dream last night, and usually i never remember my dreams.
i don’t remember what it was about or what happened exactly, just these bullet points:
* something about me test driving a Pontiac Soltice and keeping it for a day and beating the crap out of it and it was (surprisingly) a lot of fun to drive in my dream
* a snare drum
* a book
* a lot of rain
* a long staircase
* me running up that staircase to avoid the flooding from the rain
* some guy fixing the bad haircut i got the other day
* this girl joanna i went to highschool with but never really was friends with
* a house full of guys who all were hitting on me but i was totally oblivious (hah, sounds like my real life!)
* a hocky player
yeah, i’m totally confused too. hah.

December 20, 2005

well, that G20 i wrote about in my last entry…
Charles let me drive it.
it was *unbelievable*
i couldn’t hold it straight on the freeway at around 110-120mph and had to back off the throttle 😦
but it was amaaaaazing.
i want more 😀
had a great week kickin it with homeboy.
missing him terribly now that he’s gone…
we went to coldstone one night with J and invented this new game, similar to the try-and-make-the-ip-relay-opperator-laugh game, we call it try-and-gross-out-the-coldstone-worker game. $13 and 12 toppings later, our one-person serving easily fed all three of us from the grotesque amount of stuff we had them put it.
oh, it was lovely.
went to the D1GP USA vs. Japan event at Irwindale this past weekend
hooray for drifting!
JR won the entire thing
it was freakin awesome
a bunch of crashes though, that sucked.
i got to see lots of my friends from all over,
and i made some new contacts.
i met the us distributors for Impul *swoon*
then after, we went go karting
i shave
d 2 seconds off my best lap time
i woulda been able to get down to a 42-second lap but stupid newbs in front of me didn’t know crap about racing lines and i kept weaving back and forth so i couldn’t pass them without bumping (which is a big no no at this place) oh well. 43.8 is good enough for now… 😉
monica came to visit last night, she’s here till friday. yaaaay i missed my monbon.
i’m leaving for atlanta on saturday to spend christmas & new years locked in erik’s basement. that should be fun. hah.

December 12, 2005

how to make a 500+whp Infiniti G20
start with one fresh SR16VE
mix in miscellaneous aftermarket interals
build fully
add a generous helping of turbo
roast tires until sticky
repeat as desired.
charles i want to marry your car.

December 7, 2005

i love co-op
i love california
i love co-op in california
went to lunch today in hermosa beach…
it’s the middle of december,
it was about 72* outside.
walked around by the shore for a bit,
then came back to work.