i had the most random dream last night, and usually i never remember my dreams.
i don’t remember what it was about or what happened exactly, just these bullet points:
* something about me test driving a Pontiac Soltice and keeping it for a day and beating the crap out of it and it was (surprisingly) a lot of fun to drive in my dream
* a snare drum
* a book
* a lot of rain
* a long staircase
* me running up that staircase to avoid the flooding from the rain
* some guy fixing the bad haircut i got the other day
* this girl joanna i went to highschool with but never really was friends with
* a house full of guys who all were hitting on me but i was totally oblivious (hah, sounds like my real life!)
* a hocky player
yeah, i’m totally confused too. hah.

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