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January 24, 2006

ainsley127: i’m downloading a pirated version of turbotax so i can try and do my own taxes
ainsley127: wow that sentence was illegal in so many ways
compuvision02: haha
compuvision02: omg
compuvision02: thats funny as hell
*edited for length*
ainsley127: i am gonna try and if its really over my head i will go to h&r block
compuvision02: lol
compuvision02: atleast ur trying =P
ainsley127: i mean, it looks easy in the commercials so how hard can it be, really.
compuvision02: HA
ainsley127: i am SO going to jail
ainsley127: *clicks start*
ainsley127: *gulp*
ainsley127: wow this is easy so far! i am single, i know i got at least one right!
ainsley127: and i know my SSN! sweet.
ainsley127: i’m 2 for 2 so far!
ainsley127: fuck
ainsley127: in which state were you a resident on dec 31, 2004
ainsley127: NY and CA.
ainsley127: i give up.
ainsley127: you can only choose one.
compuvision02: haha
compuvision02: omg
compuvision02: ur all over the place
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: like, i work in ca
ainsley127: but my permanent adress is ny
ainsley127: i have bank accounts in both states
ainsley127: crappppp
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: i give up.
compuvision02: ut oh
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: o well
ainsley127: i tried.
compuvision02: record time of..1 minute and 54 seconds!
ainsley127: goddamn it!


christmas / new years update, finally!

January 13, 2006

i can’t believe i haven’t done a christmas/new years update yet…
anyway, since that was somewhat a while ago, i’ll try and remember as best i can.
i flew in to atlanta on christmas eve. as much as i wanted to go, it was hard to leave LA. it was 80* here when i left. yeah, 80* on december 24. this place is perfect. anyway.
so i landed at hartsfield-jackson, all gross and tired from hauling luggage (i don’t trust checked baggage after what happened last time i flew to atlanta, grr) and i’m walking out of the terminal and i look up and erik is standing there with flowers 😀 pretty blue irises. awww. he’s awesome.
so then we drove over to his dennis and chang’s place for christmas dinner, i almost died from the dogs, we left, went home, cuddled, slept. woke up christmas morning (er, christmas afternoon, ha) and opened presents. he got me some very lovely, very sentimental gifts. slept some more.
then, like all good jews on christmas, we went to go see a movie and have chinese food. except my chicken wasn’t fully cooked, and i wound up
spending the entire night hugging the toilet thinking i was going to die. lovely.
the rest of the week was just us hanging out and going on “dates” and spending time together. it was wonderful. he surprised me one morning (i think maybe monday after christmas, don’t remember) i thought he had work and had slept through his alarm, and i woke up at 6am and was like omg you’re late for work! and he smiles and said that he didn’t have work, he took the day off so we could spend it together. he wound up fooling me twice with this little trick. sneaky monkey. + 2 brownie points!
new years was fun as hell. somehow i had convinced him a while back that we should throw a party, so we spent new years eve day running errands (yay for target after-christmas discount stuff!) and getting ready. i even baked cookies. AND i DIDN’T burn them! ha! we got all fancy dressed up and had some people over, nothing major just like 25, but it was pretty crazy. tons of food and alcohol. at one point eugene put on one of my thongs (over his jeans, thank god) and ran around with a cocktail weiner hanging out. uh. yeah. i’ll refrain from posting pics 😉
needless to say, i had a very nice new years kiss.
so erik runs this online parts store, <–go buy stuff! that had gotten screwed up, and he asked me if i would basically redo all of the products and whatnot. he offered to pay me and i was like wtf you can’t pay me, i’m your girlfriend, you don’t *pay* girlfriends, you buy them pretty sparkly things instead! so he did 🙂

that’s my “payment”. isn’t it gorgeous? diamonds and sapphire 😀
i came back to CA on the 3rd, trip from freakin hell. united’s computers were down system-wide… i was supposed to fly to chicago, then fly to LA, and land at midnight. well, after a three hour delay, i didn’t get home and asleep until 430am. then i had to wake up and go to work the next day. ouch.
other than that, things here have been good lately. my car is still running (shockingly enough). work is good. j is good. charles is coming to visit tonight. LA auto show sunday. things are somewhat slow but i definitly can’t complain.

January 6, 2006

so i just got a new credit card (citi mastercard) and they’re doing this referral program…
$25 for each person i refer to them and gets approved for a card.
If you’re looking to get a credit card, please let me refer you to mastercard cause i am broke and need extra cash!
kthanks 🙂