ainsley127: i’m downloading a pirated version of turbotax so i can try and do my own taxes
ainsley127: wow that sentence was illegal in so many ways
compuvision02: haha
compuvision02: omg
compuvision02: thats funny as hell
*edited for length*
ainsley127: i am gonna try and if its really over my head i will go to h&r block
compuvision02: lol
compuvision02: atleast ur trying =P
ainsley127: i mean, it looks easy in the commercials so how hard can it be, really.
compuvision02: HA
ainsley127: i am SO going to jail
ainsley127: *clicks start*
ainsley127: *gulp*
ainsley127: wow this is easy so far! i am single, i know i got at least one right!
ainsley127: and i know my SSN! sweet.
ainsley127: i’m 2 for 2 so far!
ainsley127: fuck
ainsley127: in which state were you a resident on dec 31, 2004
ainsley127: NY and CA.
ainsley127: i give up.
ainsley127: you can only choose one.
compuvision02: haha
compuvision02: omg
compuvision02: ur all over the place
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: like, i work in ca
ainsley127: but my permanent adress is ny
ainsley127: i have bank accounts in both states
ainsley127: crappppp
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: i give up.
compuvision02: ut oh
compuvision02: lol
ainsley127: o well
ainsley127: i tried.
compuvision02: record time of..1 minute and 54 seconds!
ainsley127: goddamn it!

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