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February 26, 2006

so i started looking at flights to move back home.
i have two weeks between my last day of work and my first day of class, so i was thinking about going to visit my husband for a bit.
just getting estimates on prices, but…

i am trying to go from LAX to ATL to PHL.
read the asterisk below the second flight.
“this flight starts and ends at different airports”
i thought that was the whole point of me flying one airport to another?


February 23, 2006

the source of my recent headaches…

that was not fun 😦

February 20, 2006

so things with the flowers worked out. they showed up at work and were so pretty 🙂 too bad i forgot to take a picture before i dried them 😦
so about the car…
me and cowboy scott went to anaheim for PBR.
it was awesome.
i wore my cowgirl hat and drank beer and yelled yeehaw at the top of my lungs.
and i loved every minute of it.
we were gonna go finish off the night with some line dancing and more drinking at Union Cattle or Cowboy Country or something.
so we go get in the car, i start it up, vroom vroom ready to go
step on clutch, shift to reverse
step on clutch, shift to reverse
maybe i have to adjust my clutch cable, it has been feeling a little lose lately…
*pops hood, tightens cable*
well, that didn’t help…
i can’t get it IN gear
screw it, we are going to the bar!
*shuts off car, puts car in gear, starts car*
hooray we’re moving!
wait, now i can’t get it OUT of gear!
*calls aaa*
re sorry, your membership was canceled”
yeah pretty much.
so scott used his aaa and we got towed home.
the next morning i figured hey, maybe the cable has just stretched beyond adjustment
so i put a new one in, hoping it would fix the problem
nope, nothing.
okay, well, screw this.
so i had the car towed to bothwell monday night
i got a call this morning
me: hiiiiiii
gil: yeah, uh, what kind of clutch did you have in the car?
me: it’s an act
gil: it’s not an act anymore. it destroyed itself. you’re going to need a new everything
hahaha that is *not* the conversation you want to have!
luckily my lovely wonderful superiffic boyfriend sells act and got me a brand new heavy duty pressure plate and street/strip disk (same thing i have now), throwout bearing, pilot bearing and alignment tool for crazy cheap 😀 + overnight shipping. eep, not so cheap.
this wasn’t surprising though, that clutch was almost four years old and had gone through three different engines and countless people “learning” how to drive stick with it.
plus the springs were crazy loose this past september when engine version 4.1 went in.
my only concern is, it’s only rated to like 240ft-lbs and once i turn up the boost to 18-20psi as planned, that clutch probably won’t last very long. oh well…
so it should
be in tomorrow
hopefully i can get rid of the ’05 sunfire tomorrow.
it’s just so weird how it happened. one minute the clutch was wonderful, absolutely perfect, never gave me any trouble, then the next minute it decided to eat itself.
oh well, better now than in a few weeks when i (hopefully) go roadracing.

February 13, 2006

i feel just terrible…
last year, two weeks before valentine’s day, erik asked me for my work address so he could “send my boss a sponsorship proposal”.
turned out that was just him being sneaky so he could send me flowers at work.
it was wonderful.
so today, he messaged me saying “hey, i uh, need to send your boss another, uh, proposal. what’s the address again?”
but i was in a meeting and was trying to keep my phone hidden while i replied
and sometimes, when i type too fast, my phone can’t keep up and things get jumbled.
i sent him 3210 w. lomita instead of 3201 w. lomita, and i didn’t realize until about 2pm pst.
i told him, but who knows if it was in time or not.
i am scared that i just ruined his chance at a “sponsorship” and that the “proposal” won’t show up.
i feel so horrible about screwing up his lovely, thoughtful plan 😦
i am keeping my fingers crossed that the postal service or whoever is smart enough to realize that “honeywell” is across the street, and not 3210…
oh, and also, i am the proud “owner” of a ’03 (or something, maybe ’04, i dunno, i didn’t care enough to really look) pontiac sunfire until saturday.
well, not that proud.
my car is in the shop again so i got a rental.
automagic base model, yeehaw.
or something.
i’ll update about the car later.

February 8, 2006

one good thing about the santa ana winds… it’s february, and it’s been 87* the past few days. and to think, i actually used to hate winter…

February 7, 2006

canned tuna is not raw!
you fucking prick
and gullible is not in the dictionary… 😦

February 6, 2006

ainsley127: wow, so there was a commercial for the honda accord on tv, but i wasn’t watching, just listening. and it was the one where they are playing electric guitar. so i am hearing all this guitar and then “the accord, from honda” and i think “wow, honda made a guitar? cool!” then i paused and realized i am an idiot.
ainsley127: this has been an especially blonde week for me
other highlights include: me eating some tuna from a can and j telling me that it is raw (i don’t like seafood, especially raw//sushi) and i apparently did not know this fact and got really freaked out that i was eating it and even more freaked out that i am almost 22 and didn’t know that canned tuna is raw.
please feel free to call me by my new nickname… DB… Dumb Blonde

February 3, 2006

J: i’m honestly amazed at the range of your ability to retain knowledge of such opposite things… you know everything about a turbo and and can recite every line of legally blonde, but yet you can’t cook
me: *giggles* yeah, i’m diverse