i feel just terrible…
last year, two weeks before valentine’s day, erik asked me for my work address so he could “send my boss a sponsorship proposal”.
turned out that was just him being sneaky so he could send me flowers at work.
it was wonderful.
so today, he messaged me saying “hey, i uh, need to send your boss another, uh, proposal. what’s the address again?”
but i was in a meeting and was trying to keep my phone hidden while i replied
and sometimes, when i type too fast, my phone can’t keep up and things get jumbled.
i sent him 3210 w. lomita instead of 3201 w. lomita, and i didn’t realize until about 2pm pst.
i told him, but who knows if it was in time or not.
i am scared that i just ruined his chance at a “sponsorship” and that the “proposal” won’t show up.
i feel so horrible about screwing up his lovely, thoughtful plan 😦
i am keeping my fingers crossed that the postal service or whoever is smart enough to realize that “honeywell” is across the street, and not 3210…
oh, and also, i am the proud “owner” of a ’03 (or something, maybe ’04, i dunno, i didn’t care enough to really look) pontiac sunfire until saturday.
well, not that proud.
my car is in the shop again so i got a rental.
automagic base model, yeehaw.
or something.
i’ll update about the car later.

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