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March 31, 2006

back in pa since wednesday night…
i miss california so much 😦
classes start on monday
i’m supposed to move into my apartment tomorrow
riding begins friday
i can’t wait
i’ve been staying in doylestown with chris the past couple days and i can’t believe how much i missed him
as much as i hate being back in pa, i’m so glad that i can cuddle my chris again
yesterday we went to his friend’s house to visit my truck (the one that is gonna be painted pink)
and his friend had two horses i got to play with
and and chris has a few quads and the friend had a dirt course in his backyard
and and and i got to ride for the first time and omg it was sooo much fun!! πŸ˜€


March 25, 2006

memorable quote from tonight’s chaos down in irvine at dave & busters…
scott (while very *very* inebriated): ainsley, if you had a dick, i’d totally suck it… you know… just because it’s you…
lovely… i think? πŸ˜‰

March 16, 2006

six-stroke engine
Using a modified single-cylinder diesel engine Crower converted it to use gasoline, then machined the necessary parts to create the worlds only six-stroke engine. The engine works thru harnessing wasted heat energy created by the fuel combustion to add another two-strokes to the engine cycle. After the combustion stage, water is injected into the super heated cylinder and steam forms forcing the piston back down and in turn cools the engine. The result is normal levels of power using much less fuel and no need for an external cooling system.

March 16, 2006

hopefully very soon i will be the (somewhat) proud owner of this:

or at least something very similar.
chris is trading me his ’90 S10 for my ’89 240SX since i think it would be a good idea for me to have a truck this summer.
and he is gonna paint it pink for me so i can be horribly obnoxiously cheesy πŸ˜€

March 15, 2006

torry so i think i wanna marry that girl from peru
me so go fo rit
torry i just gotta learn better spanish
me nah, fuck that
me communication is overrated
me erik and i dont communicate at all
torry yeah i know lol
me how else do you think we’ve lasted this long
…i’m just scared terrified it won’t last much longer… πŸ˜₯

March 10, 2006

so rob and i usually email back and forth all day while we’re at work. today i was talking to him and mentioned that my roommate had just called and well, long story short…
rob: You surround yourself with the jews don’t ya! What are you doing trying to be friends with two germans?
hah. i don’t know, for some reaosn it totally made me laugh. sure erik and j are both jews, but i don’t think that constitutes ‘surrounding’ does it??

ainsley & j, come on down!

March 7, 2006

so i have been a slackass as usual and haven’t updated about my awesomely fantastic day at The Price is Right. and since i am still being a slackass, i am just going to copy/paste/edit J’s recap instead of doing my own. booyah!
before you start reading, you should download this file, and listen to it. then start reading. it will give you a better feel of my anticipation and joy of this entire day.
i warn you now, this is long, so sit back and enjoy. i recommend you give yourself some time if you’re actually going to read all of this. Cliff notes will be provided at the end.
the air date is March 27th (Monday) so check your local listings for when it’s on!
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
j and i decided to go to the mall and get cheesy “I Drove 3,000 Miles Just To Be On The Price Is Right!” tshirts made. i was wearing a garrett hoodie. the guy at the vendor cart asked me where i got it and i said i worked there and we started talking about cars and he asked how he
could get one of his own and i said if he gave me and j our shirts for free, i’d mail him a hoodie. he agreed, and i got us free shirts! w00t!
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
12:01am – me and j decide in unison – “fuck it, we’re staying up all night and getting there super early to get a good place in line!” (they open the gates at 6am for early-comers to get tickets to save their place in line)
12:30am – i gave up and went to take a nap. j followed shortly after.
3:15am – wake up, get dressed, and go to j’s car to drive down to CBS Studios in Hollywood.
4:15am – park the car in an adjacent parking garage next to CBS Studios and walk on over to the front gate. we noticed as we drove past that there were already about 20-30 people waiting. seems like we’ve got some real die-hard TPIR’ers
4:30am – we secure our place in line, looks to be about 40ish people ahead of us at this point. we meet these 2 ladies from Wisconsin who are right in front of us wearing sandals and pink shirts that say something along the lines of “I came all the way from Wisconsin for her birthday!” weirdest part of all, they looked exactly like twin sisters, but supposedly they were just best friends and had only known each other for 6 years.
the people who come in right behind us is this family of 3 from New Orleans. one of them had been pushed out by Katrina according to him, a
nd the mother had been to The Price is Right 5 times before. she filled us in on a lot of the details of the day and how everything would work. it’s nice being next to someone who knows that they’re doing.
4:45am – time to look around. j was sitting on an Omaha Steaks container that has served him well as a cooler, an ottoman, and now a chair. it is the perfect multi-function piece of furniture. i was freezing cold (as usual) and wrapped up in two fleece blankets on a folding chair. across the street is a bagel shop that is only open in the morning hours on weekedays when TPiR is airing and makes all of its business then. the guy has a great business plan where he bought 200+ plastic chairs and rents them out at $5 a pop to people waiting in line. j wanted to open a place in the parking lot down the street and charging $4 a chair just to steal his overhead. he’s such a jew πŸ˜‰
5:45am – all of a sudden, the front of the line starts to gasp, and us farther down the line, wonder if they opened the gates that were scheduled to open at 6. completely wrong. it’s a possum crossing the road about a 1/4 block down the street and all of a sudden we heard a really loud screeeeech and a thump. that’s right, a stupid SUV ran it right over and just kept going, leaving the possum twitching in the road. it was really sad watching it twitch, and definitly gross.
6:00am – the front of the line applu
ads as they open the gates and start handing out the pink line holder tickets. I got #50, J got #51. not bad for 4:30am start. we head back to the car to get a small bit of sleep knowing that we have to be back by 8am or we lose our place in line.
7:45am – i didn’t bring my cell phone since phones/camers aren’t allowed in the studios, and j’s cell alarm didn’t go off so we almost missed the 8am deadline. eep. but luckily he woke up in time and woke me up and we walked back over to the gates. we get there at like 7:58 and 30 seconds later, they start giving us our official participant number. this time I got #049 and j got #048. apparently, 3 people didn’t wake up… suckahs!
8:20am – with our bright yellow tickets in hand, we get another 2 hours to do whatever, and have to be back at 10. so we head over to Canter’s Deli (the same place that was in the movie “Swingers”) we get a nice breakfast with the smallest cup of fresh squeezed OJ known to man, then head back to TPiR.
10:00am – we check out the CBS store (literally about the size of 6 phone booths omfg) to look at the wonderful merchandise. more on this later.
10:30am – they call out the first 45 people and get them to sit on a bench in number order. then the next 45 (us). then 45 more, and more and more. we sit down, yay for new people to talk to! (this will be a VERY common occurance today)
11:30am – after sitting for a good hour+, they finally start checking ID’s and everything and getting people ready for their name tags.
12:30pm – i get my official TPIR name tag and decide to guy buy a souvenir. i got a TPIR coffee mug and a postcard. the back of it says “Dear ____, See me on television in the audience at the exciting, hour-long show, “The Price is Right.” The show I’m on can be seen on CBS on ____, 19____. Be sure to watch it!!!” (Yes…it says 19__…not 20__, that’s how old this crap is.) i am gonna frame it with my name tag and ticket stub and have a cool “i was there!” thing.
1:00pm – the pre-show interviews start where the line producer and executive producer ask everyone in groups of 10-15 questions. this is where you prove if you can make it on or not. apparently i was not “it-girl” enough, because i didn’t get called to Come On Down later. oh well. fuck you mr producer!
1:30pm – we go through the metal detector and are finally allowed to get out of line long enough to go pee. it was lovely..
2:10pm – we see the last few people come around the corner – ending at number 323. sweet, it’s almost game time. yes, pun intended.
2:15pm – they start piling people into the studio. HOLY CRAP THE STUDIO IS SMALL. it’s only maybe 22 seats across and the whole stage would take like 4 seconds to walk across. take how big
you think it is on TV, and cut it in half. seriously. but the good thing is we ended up sitting in the 4th row, just off center to the left if you are looking from the stage down into the audience. we definitely made it on TV a lot πŸ˜€
2:30pm – the new announcer comes out (RIP Rod Roddey) and warms up the crowd. and then… it’s showtime.
2:35pm – “…here’s your host…BOBBBBBBB BARKERRRRRR” (audience goes nuts)
so the show goes on. j and i are going nuts. neither of us got called up on stage 😦 oh well. i had a hell of a time at the show though. i’m not going to reveal what happened during the show, but it left everyone with periods of sheer joy and crushing dreams. freakin AWESOME! my hands and throat hurt so much from all the clapping and screaming. and I would SO do it again.
so yeah… i guess that’s about it. look for us in the audience on the 27th whenever they go to the bidder on the far left. we should be right there.
Cliff notes:
arrived early at 430am
sat down and waited in line
possum got hit by SUV
got my ticket, went to sleep
back at 8am for more sitting and waiting
ate breakfast at Canter’s
back at 10am for even more sitting and waiting
got my name tag
sat and waited (what a shocker)
got interviewed and metal detected
more sitting
finally get into the show
hour later it’s all over
if you ever get a chance, i definitly recommend going to the price is right
and yes, the people in the audience really ARE as weird/southern as they seem on tv