had my first riding lesson with DUET (Drexel University Equestrian Team) this friday, and it was awesome
i haven’t taken a lesson in, what, over 6 years?
hell i haven’t even been on a horse in over 8 months.
basically, some girls grouped together at school and decided we want to form a team to compete in the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association)
we’re riding at this place called Ashford Farm in Conshohocken, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.
I got to ride this horse named Bubbles (found out *after* the lesson that his real name is Troubles. hah.).
he’s private, really made me work/concentrate, and omg he collects up so wonderfully.
the instructor is really good, she worked me *really* hard
even John and EJ said so
i think i spent a total of about 15 minutes using stirrups…
everything else was sit trot, posting trot, two point, no stirrups.
i am way outta shape. my legs are so not there.
my seat wasn’t bad though, so that’s good.
at the end of the lesson, during my ‘cool
down’ i was posting with stirrups for a few minutes and could literally feel the  bones in my ankle *crunching* against each other.
that was not fun, not fun at all.
excruciating pain anyone? blinding pain?
yes please, i’ll take two.
but i just gritted my teeth and kept going.
this is something i have to look forward to every friday now, hurrah!
my limp is back.
the one i worked for years to get rid of.
but oh well, it’s worth it.
my ankle swelled to three times it’s normal size.
my legs are sore and my muscles hurt.
i couldn’t be fucking happier 🙂

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