what is it about me that attracts dsm owners?
i left philly friday after my lesson at 8pm and got on the turnpike heading north
(the lesson was awesome. i rode a different horse than last week, he wasn’t as good but i still had a lot of fun.)
a few miles into my trip, a white 1g with a muffler pulls up along side me
my first thought? great, another na car thinking it’s fast
then i see three letters on the back. g, s, x. i was wrong. niiiiice.
i roll down the window and give him the nod and a thumbs up hoping he won’t want to “go” since we were near a state trooper station
he heard my blow off and made this omgwtf face, then smiled and returned the thumbs up
downshift to fourth just for a few seconds, and he pulls up again laughing and smiling
it was fun 🙂
i pulled off a few miles later to get gas, and he followed.
wound up hanging out for like 45 minutes with him and his friend, they were pretty chill, really nice guys
hooray for random adventures
made it to ct around 1130pm that night,
spent the weekend with r
ob and vonnie just hanging out and doing not too much of anything since the weather was horrendous
sunday i woke up and it was monsoon’ing, so i sat around and waited for it to clear.
it didn’t, so i made a run for it around 1pm.
stopped for gas about 20 miles north of philly on the turnpike (again) and some guys in a uhaul rental van look over at me and smile
the guy driving complemented me on the car and asked if it was mine. i told him it was (of course) and we talked a little back and forth while waiting in line for gas (took like an hour, it was so crowded and the lines were so long, what gives?)
turns out he drives a 1g gsx as well! wtf is with this weekend?
as i go to pull up to the pump, he says to me “girl, i wish i met you three years ago…” to which i reply “oh? why’s that?” and he holds up his left hand and wiggles his fingers, showing off a wedding ring.
talk about an ego boost…
oh, and on another note, i (by accident) destroyed any possible chance of getting back together with erik.
somebody please fucking put me out of my misery…

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