just to update on the life thing…
everything is going well so far, which makes me kinda nervous. seems something bad always happens when things have been good for a while (which they have)…
went up to ny last weekend just for day to visit my mom since i hadn’t seen her in god knows how long and she guilt tripped me into coming by getting tickets to see the lipizanner stallions… yeah, that show was amazing. almost made me want to give up jumping to do dressage just because i think it would be a lot easier (ie a lot less painful) on my ankle… hrmmm…
what else…
classes are meh so far. nothing challenging, nothing exciting, but i guess i shouldn’t complain about that.
i’m thinking of joining a sorority…
yup, you read that correctly.
one of my roommates is a member of gamma sigma sigma and she invited me to go to one of their pledge meetings tonight, so i figured i might as well go before i say hell no
it actually turned out to be not that bad
they’re kinda the un-sorority…
there’s no house, no greek week crap, none of th
e “ick” stuff
they’re just a bunch of girls (who all seemed pretty cool, for the most part) who are really into community service
and i think that’s just wonderful
i need to do something constructive with my time now that i’m not working
i am going to go into this with an open mind.
i’m not saying yes, i’m not saying no, but i am willing to try anything once…
crazy huh?

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