my car is such a babe magnet…
so sunday night i got back from the SE-R convention at like 830 (i won best P10! w00t!) and drove around for 5 minutes trying to find a parking spot then saw this guy parking right in front of my house so i pull up and play dumb and ask him if he’s getting out. he’s like no, sorry, i just got here… and i’m like okay i’ll be straight with you, i’m really paranoid about where i park my car on campus, i live right here, can i buy this spot off of you for 20 bucks? and so he looks at the car, looks at me, looks at the car and goes ‘what kind of car is that?’ i’m like uhh infiniti g20… he goes ‘is it turbo?’ and i’m like yeah fully built engine and turbo and he goes ‘tell ya what. i’ll trade you the spot for your phone number’. hah. anyway. so, he gave me the spot and i gave him the cash for inconveniencing him. it was random, but really rad. then, 5 minutes later, i’m sitting in the driver’s seat getting my crap together before i go inside and this modified white s2000 pulls up and asks if i’m getting out. i’m like nah
sorry man i just bought this spot for $20 i’m not leaving anytime soon. then he asks me if i actually have an sr20det in it and i’m like yeah i do, why? and he’s like oh well i’ve seen your car in the garage the past few years and i was always curious. we talked for a bit, nice kid, invited me to go out driving with him and his friends sometime…
anyway, yeah, two guys within five minutes.
i am *so* ready for my honorary penis now!

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