me and ronny discussing what a terrible (or terribly wonderful, you decide) parent i’m gonna be one day…
ainsley127: i can’t wait to have kids
ainsley127: i am gonna fuck with them so bad
KwikyMAN X: just to beat them
KwikyMAN X: hahahahaha
ainsley127: yeah
KwikyMAN X: oh man that’s fucked up
ainsley127: they’re gonna learn to count by watching the microwave
ainsley127: i’ll be like, honey, count to ten
ainsley127: they’ll be like “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 beep!”
KwikyMAN X: “but it counts backwardss!!”
ainsley127: they’ll think beep is zero
KwikyMAN X: hahahahaha
ainsley127: or that 1 is actually 1beep
KwikyMAN X: lololol omgosh that’d be so funny
KwikyMAN X: yet so adorably cute
ainsley127: 🙂
KwikyMAN X: “timmy what’s 10-9?”
KwikyMAN X: ‘1beep’
ainsley127: hahahahaha
ainsley127: YES
KwikyMAN X: omg that’s too funny
ainsley127: i am gonna be such an awesome parent
ainsley127: theyll learn the
alphabet by watching wheel of fortune, just like i did when i was a kid
KwikyMAN X: lol
KwikyMAN X: there’s no real pattern or order to the alphabet
KwikyMAN X: you just scream out what you think is good
ainsley127: hahaahaha
ainsley127: YES
ainsley127: RSTLNE is all one letter
ainsley127: i can’t wait
ainsley127: their first day of school is gonna be complete chaos
ainsley127: i am going to teach them that “giraffe” is a bad word
ainsley127: so when their teachers say it they freak out
ainsley127: hahaha

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