considering i’m in atlanta again, and i still haven’t updated from the last time i was here, i figured i should probably go ahead and get that done…
i flew in on may 24, and spent 7 wonderful days with my honey.
wednesday night wasn’t anything too special, except for two jews fornicating in the back of a lesbian subaru wagon in a church parking lot. hah, there is so much wrong with that sentence…
thursday we went to dinner with some friends at this really neat biker bar place called the vortex, it was a low-key evening but lovely nonetheless.
friday was special. i gave erik my virginity. my SUSHI virginity that is πŸ˜‰
for all who know me, you know how terrified of seafood i am. but, i put that aside and tried sushi for the very first time, for him, and i didn’t die! i was focusing more on actually stomaching it than enjoying or tasting it, but it wasn’t bad, so i will definitly be giving it another shot. i tried tuna, salmon, flounder, red tail, yellow tail, and mackerel. damn i’m hardcore. but the saki definitly helped up my confidence πŸ˜‰
the next day we woke up early and went to this awesome kangaroo preserve i read about in a magazine on the flight down. it was 75 acres or so with about 250 kangaroos and we did a tour and it was so incredibly cheesy, but still reaaaally fun. it was a good date place πŸ™‚ for anyone that’s interested, their website is (warning: this is a monstrosity of a page)
after the kangaroos we went to the grocery store and got some supplies, came home, and prepped for our early memorial day bbq! we had about 16-18 people show up, and it was just a really nice, laid back get-together. plus i like doing we-are-a-couple things like that with erik πŸ˜‰ towards the end of the night it started getting buggy outside, so while everyone was outside hanging out, he and i were inside on the couch watching a movie and cuddling. *cue “awww” here*
sunday, hrm, what’d we do… if i remember correctly, we watched a bunch of movies, took a nap, and had dinner. pretty much a typical day for us.
monday, memorial day, payback for eating sushi! since i tried that for him, i made him try horseback riding for me. we went up to lake lanier ( for a trail ride. the trails kinda sucked (very narrow and rocky)
but it was really pretty, went along the shore for a bit and there were deer. it was supposed to just be a walk trail but i hit it off with the people at the barn and it wound up being walk trot canter πŸ˜‰ erik kinda sorta maybe cantered a tiny bit since he didn’t know how to ask the horse, but he did really well! i was so proud of him πŸ™‚ apparently he really liked it too. it was absolutely adorable. he rode this draft mare named ethel and i rode a little 15.2hh quarter horse gelding named harley (he was fun!)
afterwards we went to a mall and just walked around a little, cute nothingness, i enjoyed it, then we came home, hottubbed, showered, napped, and went out to dinner at the typical jew restaurant the olive garden! we discovered that splitting one meal is the perfect amount of food for two people. hah, we outsmarted olive garden!
we have this thing, when we go out to eat or whatever, we always sit on the same side of the table so we can cudle *aww* and there was this other couple outside and it was really funny, the girl kept eyeing us up and giving us a death-stare. it was so awesome, she was so pissed that we were so cute and happy together. oh snap!
next day, my last day, we both woke up early and headed to the airport. he was going to los angeles for two weeks and i back to philly. since he didn’t have any luggage to check, he waited in line with me and we went through
security together. surprisingly, it was a lot of fun being that obnoxiously cute couple that everyone hates to see in public because they are just so damn happy. yeah, that was us, and yeah, it was awesome.
anyway, that was a few weeks ago. lots of other fun and cute things happened during that time but memory escapes me. i’ll update about this visit when i get back to pa on sunday πŸ™‚

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