i figure while i’m at it, i might as well update about my first horse show in ten years πŸ˜‰
june 3, ashford farm (the barn that i ride at with the drexel university equestrian team) was having a small show
the last time i showed was the summer i broke my back…
i decided to suck it up and do three classes, even though i’d only had 6 lessons at that point (hadn’t taken a lesson in about 8 years)
got to the barn early, found out i’d be riding melvin, and tacked up my homeboy, er, horse.
i hadn’t had a lesson in two weeks at that point, and really wanted a warm up, but we didn’t get that. bummer.
the first class was an absolute mess for me. melvin was being a total jackass, not listening no matter what, he even spooked at some guy smoking a cigar. ugh. he is not a morning horse, and i am not a morning person. bad combination… i wound up getting *fifth* in walk/trot. ugh. what a disappointment, i was totally embarassed.
the second class, however, i thought was going to suck majorly. my ankle was hurting terribly and i just was
n’t feeling it. walk/trot was better in this class by far since melvin was finally warmed up (as was i) and i really didn’t think my canter was all that great… but…
i got FIRST πŸ˜€
i was shocked and thrilled, to say the absolute least.
so my third class, the very last one (all three were consecutive with absolutely no breaks in between other than ribbon pinning) was an over fences class… four jumps total, two sets of two combinations, 2’6″ i thought again, that i did terribly. i didn’t feel like i paced melvin well enough through the combinations and his strides were a little off so he kinda had to hustle over the fences. i felt like my legs were all over the place. in general, i felt like a big old mess. when they called my name for FIRST place, i honesty asked “are you serious?” because i just couldn’t believe it…
overall, i think i did damn good πŸ˜‰
fifth in walk/trot ugh
first in walk/trot/canter
first in over fences
i got pretty ribbons and two trophies for the firsts too!
not bad for my first time in ten years huh? πŸ˜€

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