as usual, procrastination and laziness have lead to a way overdue entry…
about two weeks after my last atlanta trip, i flew back down for another 12 days (june 14 – june 26) after finals were over.
the trip down wasn’t bad. a little more turbulance on the plane than i (and my poor stomach) would’ve liked, but i got there safely and that’s all that matters. i met these cool icelandic dudes while i was on my way to the baggage claim. they asked me where the taxis were and we started talking. the one guy kissed my hand when he introduced himself. i was a little stunned, i’ve never actually had anyone do that in real life before. annnyway, erik picked me up and even though it had only been a few weeks since i had last seen him, it felt so good to be in his arms again.
thursday was my first real night there, so we cooked dinner and then went to a bar. how romantic πŸ˜‰ it wasn’t anything insanely special, but that’s what so wonderful about him, even things that normally wouldn’t be special, are! πŸ™‚ yeah, i’m corny. whatever. die ❀
friday w
as nice and relaxing. we both desperately needed haircuts so we went to this place by his house and he gave me the better gay. yeah, i know, that sounds weird. so when we got there, two cutters were ready and one was wearing a flamboyantly hot pink shirt, and erik knows i like pink, so he let me have that guy. i thought it was wonderfully considerate πŸ™‚ i swear, getting haircuts is so ridiculously typical, but it was so much fun being able to do something so generic with someone so special (erik, not the gay). what else… we went out to dinner with a bunch of people later that night (at the same bar/restaurant i had sat endlessly in the rain for hours trying to locate my luggae with torry during last year’s houston formula d lost-luggage us-airways sucks disaster). well we sit down and wait for everyone, and erik realizes he forgot his id, so he ran home to get it. a few minutes later this guy walks over and asks if i was ainsley. i said uhhh yes, who are you? well he was one of the friends we were waiting for (who i hadn’t met before) so i asked how he knew how to find me and he goes “eugene told me to look for the girl with the big rack” and i about died it was by far the nicest thing anyone had said to me in a while πŸ˜‰ haha. awesome. i’m so glad i am known as the girl with the big rack, especially since i think i have pretty average sized boobies. regardless, i thought it was pretty funny.
turday we woke up and couldn’t figure out what to do. erik had the brilliant idea of let’s go do something active, let’s go rock climbing! we went to this place atlanta rocks and got all harnessed up (made my ass look great and his junk look huge. i love rock climbing!) and spent about two hours playing around. i am pathetically terrified of heights, but i managed to make it all the way to the top three times! woo! erik rocked out (pun intended) and kicked ass on every wall, including the advanced ones. bastard πŸ˜‰ then we spent the rest of the day at eugene’s trying to do suspension on the outback. sunday was just more suspension. we put ’96 shocks and springs on a ’95 subaru outback wagon to give it more ground clearance.
the next day i took the outback to get the new maxxis tires mounted and get an alignment. yeah, i felt like a housewife running around doing errands, but it was actually really nice to get out of the dungeon, er, basement πŸ˜‰ eugene came to keep me company while the car was getting the alignment, we went for pizza and coffee (strange combination yes) then i went to publix to pick up some groceries for dinner. came home, prepped the steaks, and waited for my honey to come home.
tuesday was fun. i had been bugging erik to go see the new ff3 movie (even though he got to see it in hollywood at the premiere, lucky bastard) so we went to cpk for dinner and got
to the movie pretty early. to kill time, we decided to play 20 questions. erik gave up after 16 when i was thinking “broccoli” (we had some for dinner the night before so that’s why i was thinking of it). it was his turn to think of something…
“is it a person?” no.
“is it alive?” no.
“is it inanimate?” yes.
“is it bigger than a breadbox?” yes.
“is it a tire?” yes…
i guessed his on the fifth question πŸ™‚ man i know him so well!
anyway, the movie was a lot better than i expected. very japanese-drifting-meets-west-side-story, but i liked it nonetheless.
wednesday was another nothing special day. cooked dinner, had coldstone, watched tv, slept. relaxing and comfortable. it was nice.
thursday we ordered pizza, watched ladder 49, cuddled a lot and slept a lot. yayyyy.
friday we went to dinner at ihop (i don’t know why, but i think it was because i wanted pancakes or something) and then went to see Cars. that movie was amazing. i recommend everyone go see it right now if you already haven’t πŸ™‚
saturday morning we woke up early and went to go get erik a georgia driver’s license (finally!). then we went to the store to get some picnic necessities, and met up with eugene and tony to drive several hours north to Brasstown Bald, the tallest mountain in Georgia and the very start of the Appalacian mountains. we d
rove up the mountain (yay fun!) in the outback (yay 125hp automatic. not fun!) and had a nice picnic. there was a corvette meet going on that day ironically, which provided some nice non-nature scenery πŸ˜‰ then we went on a hike and i almost stepped on nature, so i got all excited screaming “i found nature i found nature!” yeah it was a cute little salamander. i made sure he did not get smushed and we continued on through the woods πŸ™‚ after our hike we went for some touge fun on the nearby roads and had a blast. we went offroading on some hiking trails with the outback and crossed a few streams and took a bunch of awesome pictures. found two turtles! then we found this amazing awesome dirt/gravel path and we enjoyed that for a while. unfortunately, tony was driving a bone stock s13 and some drunken redneck in a truck forced him off the road and he wound up breaking a tie rod. we had already been driving for miles and didn’t know where the end of the trail was, so we limped the s13 down the mountain for a few miles and finally ditched it on the side of the trail. tony and eugene packed into the outback and we drove back to town to get dinner. they went back after to fix the s13 but it was really late (10pm) at that point so erik and i just went home. all in all it actually was a eally fun day.
i was supposed to leave sunday but the weather was really bad in atlanta and in philly (lots of lightn
ing, torrential downpours) so i decided it would be better if i cancelled my flight and came back monday instead. so i called airtran and cancelled my ticket, then booked a new flight. simple yes? yeah, i thought so too until the next day. anyway, we went to dinner at Doc Chey’s (cute little asian-esque noodle place that we always go to, and also the very first place we ever went as an “official” couple.) had some coldstone, then came home and watched the deadliest catch marathon and went to bed.
so monday i wake up and decide to check to see if my flight is delayed (because the weather was still really icky) and for some reason couldn’t find any information on my flight online. so i check my email to get the confirmation number and nearly have a heart attack. when i went on airtran’s site the night before to book, i put in JUNE 26 but when i clicked “one way” it defaulted back to JULY without me realizing! so i had wound up with a ticket for july instead of june. omfg. panic attack! i called airtran all freaked out and they were really nice and were able to get me a spot on the last flight out that night, and waived the $50 cancellation fee for me. i ❀ airtran.
anyway, that’s about it. there are some pictures from the trip at if anyone’s interested. there’re mixed
in with other stuff but it should be self explanatory πŸ™‚

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