also, while i’m here…
i went to sweet hills a few weeks ago.
sweet hills is a barn on long island that i used to ride at when i was a kid.
i used to volunteer there so i could ride for free, and was also their “test rider”. anytime a new horse would come in, i’d be the first person on to “test” it out.
it’s also the barn where i had my accident…
the one where i broke my back and destroyed my ankle.
i hadn’t been there in about 8 years.
i walked in and immediately the owner, louise, remembered me.
it felt really nice being back, considering how many years i spent there.
one of the girls i used to volunteer with remembered me too, which totally floored me, considering how long it had been.
anyway, i was with my mom and john, and we wanted to go on trail.
louise asked me what i was in the mood for and i said “something fun”.
low and behold, she had the perfect horse for me.
a brand new mare they had just gotten in, and only one guy had ridden her so far.
louise warned me that the horse had a “rearing
problem” when you ask it to stop.
whee, sounds perfect for me! 😀
*then* to make things even better, she goes “eh, you know what you’re doing, just go out on your own and come back whenever”
that was the biggest compliment ever.
i hadn’t been there in 8 years, and yet she trusted me to take out a brand new horse on trail with no guide. just me and my mom and john. i was beyond words. it might sound conceited but i was so incredibly flattered.
anyway, the horse was great. no rearing problems at all actually. she was just new and nervous but she was a really good horse and tried her best to behave. i was seriously impressed. i even got to name her. when i first got on she was being a little witch so i got the idea to call her Sam (short for Samatha, from BeWitched). it fit her really well too 🙂
also, there was this horse i used to ride all the time when i was like 10. her name was Sugar. she was as old as the hills when i rode her. that was 12 years ago. Sugar was still there. she looked old and worn, but it was still the same Sugar i loved for so many years. it was really great to see her again…

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