am i wrong here?
two months ago, one of my roommates came to me and said they were going to buy an air conditioner for the living room.
now, the living room has SEVEN windows. an air conditioner is really not necessary. just get a freaking fan!!
anyway, they said it would be $15 per person. that’s fine, i agreed.
later, i got a call from her while she was at walmart saying they were buying a bigger unit than planned and it was now $40 per person.
that’s all well and good excpet i can’t afford $40 for an air conditioner i don’t ever use nor did i want in the first place…
so i told her that, and i got bitched out, and she bought it anyway.
later, they started *demanding* i pay them the $40 for the air conditioner they already bought.
i’m sorry but i really don’t see how they can justify their argument.
they’re all staying for a few years, i am leaving september 1.
so according to them, i should pay the same amount for something i won’t get to keep or get any benefit from, that i didn’t want in the first place, even thoug
h i will be here for two more months and them for two more years.
i just don’t get it.
then, one of them had the audacity to actually tell me “just be grateful we didn’t ask you for part of the utility turn on fees”
uhhh excuse me? i am *subletting*.
and they moved in a long time ago. those fees have absolutely nothing to do with me.
i wanted to be like “just be grateful i ddin’t ask you for part of my security deposit for my apartment in los angeles two years ago”
that would’ve made just about as much sense.
the best thing is, it was suuuch a critical emergency to get the air conditioner. that was two months ago. they finally just installed it about a week ago. yeah…
now, this morning i wake up and there is a note on the door:
“ladies, i just bought a vacuum cleaner for the apartment. if you use it, please be considerate and give me some money for it”
maybe i should just start buying things without asking people and then demanding money…

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