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August 22, 2006

i know i have to update about VABeach, i’ll do that soon…
today EJ and i went to get our senior photos taken for the yearbook.
hooray for dresses and makeup!
then we went to ecco qui for happy hour and food
then i went to her history of psychology class for 2.5 hours
then we hung out, watched cartoons and colored my little pony and care bear coloring books.
today was, by far, one of the best days i’d had in a while, and it’s all thanks to lovely emily jean 🙂


August 8, 2006

oh oh, also, so this morning in my philosophy/critical thinking class, the teacher was talking about causation and “necessary and sufficient conditions” (there is only one thing that causes another) and gives an example…
professor: does anyone know what causes scurvy?
me: pirates?
the correct answer is a lack of vitamin C (who knew?) and that is the one and only way to cause scurvy.
then, we were asked to come up with our own example. mine was:
“ninjas cause death”
i like when school is fun 😀

August 8, 2006

man, i really love the Cute Girl Discount.
there’s a Firestone on drexel campus that i’ve been going to for the past four years whenever i need some emergency fix-it stuff done (which thankfully isn’t very often at all) or oil changes or alignments (free for life, woo!) or whatever… i haven’t been in there in a little over a year…
so today i walk in, need an oil change (to those reading this: yes i can do my own oil change but i choose not to. the oil filter on my car is such a major pita to get off because it’s in this really random hard-to-get-to location and rather than struggle with it and suffer i honestly prefer to pay someone $30 and have them deal with it) and immediately everyone there remembers me 😀
i hung out there about two hours while they worked on my car and just shot the shit with the guys. all the mechanics saw my car and came into the front to say hi and one even asked me how california was (i was so incredibly shocked/flattered that he remembered that, considering how long i’d been away!). talked about ‘the good old days’ of them racing muscle cars, talking about their daughters and how none of us could comprehend the obsession with designer stuff that 13y/os have, you know, the usual ‘shop talk’… 😉
when it came time for me to pay and leave? $13.
these guys are my homies. they’ve known me for years, and are really cool people.
they always give me discounts.
they rock. *so* hard.
so basically, i paid the same it would cost if i had bought the oil to do the change myself, but instead had someone else deal with my stupid filter 😀
thanks fran/firestone!