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September 15, 2006

well, the husband booked the tickets.
it’s official now.
i’ll be in Los Angeles from this coming Sunday (the 17) through Friday (the 22)

September 14, 2006

things just keep getting better and better…
i know i haven’t updated in forever, i know this is a common occurance for me, i know, i suck.
anyway, now i’ve got some time and i’m bored so i might as well catch up with my life.
VABeach was amazing this year, one of the best years ever.
to those of you who don’t know what VABeach is, here’s the rundown:
we do an annual meet every year in Virginia Beach. this was the fourth year we did it. we always rent the same house, right on the shore. people come from all over the country (and sometimes even from other countries!) and we all just enjoy the beach for a week.
beaches, beer, and bitches.
i had a blast this year. it was great seeing the guys. i hadn’t seen most of them in a year, since i had been away so much. it was great seeing jon, hanging out with kevin, laughing at dre getting plastered, dave being the crazy asian, and the rest of the guys. spent the entire week just laying on the beach (i actually got a killer tan!) and kickin it with my homies. a much needed vacation with
my real family. i love these guys more than anything, it’s such an amazing feeling having a family like them. because that’s what it is, a family.

there’s only two things about VABeach that make me sad…
that hamid wasn’t there,
and that i’ll have to wait another year before the next one 😦
anyway, that was a few weeks ago.
since then i’ve finished summer term
got all A’s (as usual)
my GPA is now 3.87
i’m trying to graduate summa cum laude, so i have three more terms to raise that by 0.03.
i hope i can manage it 😉
moved into my new apartment on september 1.
no more crazy roommates!
this place is all mine until i graduate in june ’07 🙂
it’s a one bedroom, insanely high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floods, and this incredible bay window.
i’ll take pictures once i get back to pa and finish unpacking.
i’m spending my break in atlanta, before i go back to classes on the 25th.
i flew down here on the 5th, and have been having the most incredibly wonderful time i can ever remember having with erik.
he’s treating me like a princess and i am totally enjoying it 🙂
i feel kinda guilty though, i haven’t spent a single penny since i got here because drexel fucked me (as u
sual) with my loans and i literally don’t have any money (27 cents in my bank account and a credit card that’s got about $600 i have to pay… fack.)
he even lent me $1000 so i can pay rent for october and pay last month’s balance on the credit card, which should buy me enough time to sort things out with school
speaking of, i am now selling my Garrett GT2871R turbo to pay him back.
brand new, $1000 (msrp is $1400) if anyone is interested, just leave a comment.)
anyway, since i’ve been here, we’ve been having a blast.
we watched a bunch of movies and have been spending a lot of time just hanging out with eachother.
we went to see She Wants Revenge (our first concert together, aww) and had a great time. he even bought me a SWR shirt ❤
we went to a drive-in (anyone in the ATL area: Starlight Drive-In owns) to see Talladega Nights (awesomely random movie, btw) and are going back there tonight to see Miami Vice
sunday was the best though. he had been telling me he had a “surprise” for me for the past two weeks.
so sunday we got in the car and drove to the surprise.
he took me to Medieval Times!!!!
horses and food, it was amaaaaaazing
he even got the deluxe package, which means *front row seats*!!
the show was fantastic. the andalusian horses were gorgeous as ever, the dressage was impressive, an
d the show was really exciting.
jousting and knights and horses, hooray!
our knight (the green knight) won, and he threw me a pretty flower 😀
here’s a picture:

i didn’t think this trip could get any better, but yesterday it did.
erik found out he has to go to california next week for work.
i’m not leaving here until next sunday, which means i’d get stuck here all by myself for a week. sucks, but shit happens.
well, apparently, his boss felt bad that erik had been working his butt off for them lately and that i’d get left behind in GA, so he offered to have the company PAY to fly me out to california for the week too!!!
i’m going to cali next week!!! 😀
k, that’s it for now ❤


September 4, 2006

omg the crocodile hunter died 😦
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Killed by Stingray
rip steve irwin 😦