well, the show went pretty damn good 🙂
i wound up getting 2nd in walk/trot/canter… shoulda gotten first, grrr…
we left drexel at 6am, drove to maryland, sat around in the cold for hours… i’m too tired right now to do the entire update but we had a blast. we had 6 girls competing, and won 7 out of a possible 8 ribbons. we overheard upenn make some comment about “wow, drexel’s team is really cleaning up, they’ve got some really good riders” hah, awesome.
my class went well. i rode this horse named ‘Bean’. origionally i was suppoed to ride ‘Peanut’. wtf is up with me getting horses named after legumes??
anyway, they way it works is they assign each rider a horse randomly, so you have no idea who you’re riding until it’s time for your class. never seen the horse before, never ridden the horse before, level playing field.
Bean was nice. a 15.2h light chestnut gelding, perfect with leads and totally pushbutton. i lucked out.
i should had first. everyone on the team said so, even megan who never sugar coats anything. except i was getti
ng close to the horse in front of me so i came off the rail to circle and the girl behind me decides to circle as well as i’m halfway through mine and practically runs right into the side of me. i had no choice but to pull up Bean and kinda fumble. ugh. but whatever, that bitch is going down at the next show…
so erik flew into DC sunday night for work and was staying in NoVa about 15 miles south of there… since i have no classes on tuesdays, i drove down to Virginia last night to stay with him. it was totally random spur of the moment, and totally wonderful. we went out to dinner with some of his friends and enjoyed the extra time together. today we woke up, he went to work, i slept some more, checked out of the hotel, and then went to meet up with him and his work people for lunch. drove back to PA after, and i’m already missing him (of course).
SEMA Vegas countdown: 13 days!

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