man, school sure has changed since i was a kid…
i just opened my public relations book to go over some stuff for a quiz i have later tonight. on one of the pages was a picture of snoop dogg with a caption that read “the profizzle of lexicizzle himself” so i decided to read what the hell the book was talking about.
a direct quote:
“Words change so quickly these days that we even have new instant languages being created before our eyes.  Among them, the gangsta lexicon of one, Snoop Dogg, affectionately known as izzle speak, is designed primarily to confuse anyone who isn’t an urban Black rapper.
All of which means that for public relations professionals in the 21st century, properly interpreting messages to key publics has become a complicated proposition.
Fo shizzle.”
yup, my text book ACTUALLY said “fo shizzle”

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