IHSA show #3 update
considering i have another horse show day after tomorrow, i might as well update about last week’s
the show was at Worthmore in Maryland again.
pretty early in the morning stuff started going crazy.
one of the girls in one of the jumper classes was riding this cute pony, and she was running him too fast through the course.
one of the fences he jumped too early, and his front feet came down right on the rails.
he tripped, and flipped over the fence.
he landed upside down on his back on top of the girl.
long story short, she wasn’t moving, they had to airlift her out…
i’m really hoping she’s ok
three other girls had some bad falls after her, very strange.
my class went well. i rode this cute 15.2hh bay named Mickey.
his saddle was incredibly slippery, so the whole time i was focusing on vice gripping my legs around him to keep them as still as possible.
i wound up getting second, and here’s why:
apparently at some point, he took a misstep and bounced me twice without me realizing it, putting me on
the wrong diagonal
i had checked my diagonals during *both* trots and was correct each time, so somehow i got switched without noticing. oops.
i was incredibly embarassed after i dismounted and everyone told me what i had done because that is *the* most beginner mistake you could possibly make, and i didn’t even notice 😦
BUT, to have still pulled off a second place finish with the wrong diagonal? incredible.
not to sound conceited but it shows what a damn good rider i am if i could fuck up that badly and still do so well 😉
that puts me at 15 points so far for the series. 3 more points and i have to move to the more advanced class.
wish me luck this weekend!

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