SEMA ’06 update

nothing too major to report, SEMA was fun as usual.
got there late tuesday night, i had flown to atlanta for a connecting filght to vegas and met up with erik on the plane.
he told me where we were staying was a “surprise”.
turns out, we were staying with Lomax and the guys from 12 Volt/DialD in a house they had rented for the week.
it was pretty sweet, we had a pool and a hottub and a bigscreen tv and our own bedroom.
spent the entire convention walking around talking to people and playing wife/secretary to erik.
i got to see a ton of my friends (i ❤ you nicoboys!), saw the garrett guys and meet some new people, as usual.
apparently, this year was the year of the domestic/classic muscle car, which i thoroughly enjoyed 😀
we went to the kicker party the second night there which was fun but outside so it was cold and that sucked, but they had a freestyle motocross demo with these guys doing backflips and other insane tricks.
after we went to the scion party at some club in the Hard Rock hotel and we had vip passes which was great (woo free alcoho
hung out all night, danced, partied, etc.
at one point a friend offered erik a million dollars if he could spend a night with me (sadly, he WAS serious but of course he doesn’t have the money) hah i thought it was wildly entertaining.
anyway, overall it was good, nothing too crazy, not boring, just right.
see you next year vegas!

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