IHSA show #4 update!
last week was, by far, my favorite show to date for one reason: erik
it is *sooo* nice having a cute boy to snuggle all day!
it really makes the 8 hours of sitting and nothingness a lot better 🙂
he came in late friday night and we went to sleep
i loooveeee cuddling him it makes sleeping so much better
anyway, i digress.
the show was at this place Red Wing Farm somewhere in PA.
i rode a chestnut named Lance.
he was nice, but really just not my ideal ride
i had to really work to keep him going and well, i don’t know what it was but he just didn’t “fit” me
he wasn’t what i liked to ride
oh well.
still got 2nd place
what is with me always winning 2nd??
i’m not complaining, but 1st would be nice…
regardless, it put me up to 20 points, meaning i have classed up to advanced w/t/c
woot 😀
after the show erik and i and cori and ej went out to olive garden so they could interrogate and approve of him 😉
then we drove back to philly and picked
up Kern and went to go see Borat
i *highly* recommend that movie, btw
came home, went to sleep, and he left the next morning to drive to ct for work
i hate saying goodbye, my bed is so lonely after 😦
but i have have a riding lesson tomorrow and the last of the shows for this term on saturday and i am excited woo!
okay bedtime ❤

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