IHSA horse show #5 & thanksgiving with the in-laws

i always mean to update after stuff happens, but life gets in the way…
the last IHSA show of the season went ok.
i had classed up to advanced and was looking forward to doing well.
that didn’t happen.
the horse i was riding was lame and was therefore trotting/cantering *really* weird
i was trying to keep him going but had to work really hard to do so since he wanted to stop and man i felt so terrible about forcing him to go…
i wound up getting fourth because i was so jshdjkfhaksgjdhgarrrggggh trying to keep him going 😦
however, the only people that beat me were from u del and del val and they all ride like 5 times a week so i guess i didn’t do too badly all things considered…
other show highlights:
– another girl fell off and had to be medivac’ed out.
i’ve been riding for 14 years and i’ve only seen *two* medivac’s, both of them during this season of IHSA. wtf?
– we gave megan (our coach) her christmas present.
megan’s boots had holes in them (seriously) so i decided we should get her some new boots
and got the team together and everyone chipped in and we got her top of the line ariat paddock boots and when we gave them to her she was so touched that she started crying. little ms hardass. yup. then she pranced around the show carrying the ariat box and shouting “my team likes me!” to all the other trainers. how classy 😉
– after the show the entire team went out to dinner at Ecco Qui for drinks and food and stuff. we got megan nice and drunk. overall it was a really good time, everyone was relaxed since this season was over and we got to hang out as a group and it was just really awesome. too bad i’m graduating soon… anyway, a few of us had gotten together to get megan an ‘extra’ christmas gift… a handle of rum and a carton of cigarettes. i think she liked that better than the boots… ha.
– after dinner the few of us who are of age went over to New Deck for some more drinks. megan got sloppy drunk and proceeded to tell us that she fucking hates us because she loves us so much and started crying and yeah, it was awesome. she’s so adorably emo when drunk, and so incredibly tough-guy when she’s sober… 😉
thanksgiving was awesome, the best i’ve ever had
(i hope everyone else’s was great too!)
i went up to ny after classes and picked erik up from the airport on wednesday night.
i stayed with him at his father’s place while i was there…
met the family for the first time.
(i’d met his mother once before, very briefly, about a year and a half ago)
and they were absolutely lovely.
his dad’s awesome, his mother’s a doll, his brother is rad.
yeah, if this works out, i’ll have a really great in-law family…
thursday we had thanksgiving at his mom’s,
friday we had dinner with my mom (erik hadn’t met my family either) and patrick then went into nyc to go to a bar for erik’s friend ryan’s birthday
we got home around 4am, went to bed…
saturday we drove down to brielle, nj for the extended family dinner which was absolutely wonderful
his family is so normally dysfunctional it’s incredible.
sunday we had lunch with my dad then drove back to pa and i went over to ej’s to meet *her* man zander (ej you are a lucky girl, he’s a catch!!)
we ordered chinese and made the boys watch a my little pony movie to prove their love to us 😉
i got a stupid speeding ticket in nj… cop was sitting exactly where it changed from 64 to 45 and i didn’t see him and didn’t slow down in time and he nailed me for 70 in a 45… yeah that’s gonna be 4 points and about $300… *cries* stupid cop 😦
and now, well, now i am just working my butt off trying to finish up this term so i can go down to atlanta for christmas and new years with erik.
** anyone read
ing this is invited to come to our new year’s costume party **
it’s in atlanta, so i doubt anyone will wanna come, but if you do, let me know 🙂

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