it seems like every day here in atlanta with erik is paradise, and each day is better than the last…
we’ve been doing a lot of stuff and i’m absolutely loving it.
he always picks the best dates for us to go on 🙂
we went to go see the local AA hockey team (the Gwinnett Gladiators vs. Columbia Inferno) with Marty and Sonja
it was my first time going to a professional sporting event (other than a rodeo…) and it was awesome!
our team won, Gwinnett 7 Columbia 3, a very perfect first time i suppose
Christmas was incredible.
during the day we went shopping for WE gifts (see below) and had lunch and Erik bought me an absolutely gorgeous coat.
Christmas eve we went over Marty and Sonja’s for turkey dinner and White Elephant.
i’d never played before, and for those who have no idea what i’m talking about (since i didn’t know either) here’s the deal
all the people “playing” purchase a predecided number of gifts. none are to exceed a predetermined value.
the gifts are wrapped and placed in a pile. then, a dec
k of cards is dealt to the “players”.
one of the players draws a card from another deck, and whoever has that card can pick a mystery present from the pile.
the process is repeated until the second deck has been gone through in its entirety. players can either pick a present from the pile, or steal from another player.
i made out damn good 🙂
i got an awesome my little pony bath set, a $20 target gift card, some hair clips, a box of hello kity fruit snacks, and a spongebob electric toothbrush.
after dinner we had some wine and played fantan
the next morning, Erik and I woke up and exchanged presents 🙂
i got him a pair of 5.11 HRT boots for airsoft and 5.11 socks
he completely outdid himself and went above and beyond…
first, he got me an awesome my little pony umbrella because mine had broken a few weeks ago in philly. it was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful of him to remember that i was unprotected from the rain 🙂 so then he made me open one of the gifts and it was a 1GB memory card for a digital camera. i open it and i’m like, oh, cool, a memory card. but it didn’t fit my current camera. he says “oh man, i totally bought the wrong one! i meant to get you a card so you can use my camera. i guess i’ll have to return it…” (since my camera broke a few months ago, i always use his when i am here visiting since his is really nice). then he made me open my
second present which was a box of random little goodies and candies and a beautiful gray sweater from Old Navy. then, time for the third present! *drum roll please* i start peeling away the wrapping paper and it’s a Canon box. instantly i knew what he had done, but it seemed too good to be true. i looked at him and asked if he had put something in a Canon box. he laughed and told me to open it. it was a brand new Canon SD630 digital camera. 6megapixels (my old, broken one was only 2mp) with a 3″ display and omg the camera is absolutely GORGEOUS. funny thing is, i had been looking at the exact same one online a few weeks earlier thinking about buying it. he knows me so well 🙂 i was so amazed… i was so happy (and i still am, i love this thing!). the camera is really amazing, it’s got a TON of features, it’s slim and sleek and really pretty and i just love it 😀
this is a picture of the camera, but it really doesn’t do it justice (ironic, yes?) it’s much prettier in real life 🙂

mom sent a present for each of us (so thoughtful!). she got me this to-die-for baby blue micosuede Outback riding vest. it’s so pretty i’m scared of actually using it for riding and getting it dirty. lol.
after, we did the traditional Jew-Christmas thing and went to get chinese f
ood at Golden Buddha for lunch (i didn’t get food poisoning this year! woo!). after, Marty and Sonja came over and hung out for a bit, then Erik and I went to see the Pursuit of Happyness at around 10pm. all in all, a perfect christmas: gifts, time with my love, chinese and a movie 🙂
wednesday night we went to dinner with Torry and a bunch of his friends at Bucca di Beppo. (J i finally went!)  I’d never been before, and my god it was a TON of food. he and i both ate until we were sick, and had a great time meeting some new people and just hanging out. woke up this morning still in pain, a food hangover… 😉
last night we went to go play airsoft. i’d never played before and omg it was so much fun! we went to this place, Strategic Airsoft Command, an indoor joint with lots of cool dark rooms and neato stuff to hide behind and whatnot. i had to rent gear of course (which was all too big for me, lol) but i managed to get in a few kills. i only got shot once and it didn’t hurt too bad. but maaaan it was awesome. there are so many nice guys there too! i can’t wait to go back and play again next week 😀
we’re having a new years party again this year which should be a lot of fun. he’s also got two more suprises for me that he is insisting i will love (and i’m sure i will) but they don’t happen until january 6 & 7…
i feel like a princess 🙂

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