so it’s 3am, saturday night, and i’m lying in bed waiting for erik to call after his insane trip to indiana today to pick up a van… and i got to thinking, WHY haven’t i updated about all the incredibly wonderful things that have happened since my last post? i couldn’t come up with a good reason, so, here goes 🙂
so, after christmas i proceeded to catch his cold and got sick as hell. we spent the day before new year’s shopping and getting ready for the party.
new years eve day i still was sick as hell, so we cleaned and cooked and got the place ready for the party.
we had a decent amount of people show up (20+?) but i spent most of the night on the couch, in erik’s bathrobe, drinking screwdrivers (hey, orange juice is good for colds, right? ha)
since it was a costume party, i just told people i was a sniffly schoolgirl, instead of my real costume of slutty schoolgirl. hah.
he got retardedly drunk and, considering i’ve never seen him that drunk, was *really* funny. i’ll spare everyone the details, but oh man, i love my silly boy 🙂
new years with erik
new years day we woke up sometime in the afternoon, went to ihop for breakfast (as is tradition for us), went home, went back to sleep (i was sick and he was hungover) then later that night went out to CCT for dinner (again, tradition for us).
then, the surprises…
originally, he only had two for me. but friday after new years on his way home from work he told me to get dressed, but to wear something not nice, because another surprise had come up.
after what seemed like an hour of torture, we arrived at the location
an indoor shooting range!
we got to play with REAL guns!!
i’d never shot a gun before, and oh. my. lord. it was soooo much fun.
i got to use a 9mm handgun and some other gun (much larger and way more powerful)
i was wearing a hoodie and everytime a shell flew out of the gun, it would land on my boobs 🙂
but yeah, i ❤ shooting, and i actually have pretty decent aim!
guns are so romantic
the next day was the first of the original planned surprises…
we drove to this kinda ritzy shopping center area and parked. i had *no* idea what was going on.
then he hands me a red gift certificate envelope…
a day at the spa for 2! a couples day at the spa! OMG! best boyfriend evar!!
i’d never been to a spa before, and, well, now i am even more determined to be rich so i can do it more often 😉
we both had a blast.
comfy white robes and slippers and lemon water to drink while we sat around
full body massages (*incredible*) in joined rooms so we could enjoy together
then, the world’s greatest pedicure and manicure for us both 🙂
erik even cowboy’ed up and got “clear” polish!
it was just so absolutely lovely and so incredibly thoughtful and sooo romantic 🙂 🙂 🙂
then, sunday, the third and final surprise. we went back to the stadium where we had seen the hockey game and i was seriously confused.
he wouldn’t even let me see our tickets.
then, we walked in, and i see a guy selling a program… a Lipizzaner Stallions program!
the best part? we were sitting in the 2nd row, *right* next to the dressage ring. it was unbelievable, and soooo wonderfully special of him.
i had seen the stallions perform before with mom on long island, but not like this, not this close.
after, we were driving home and had to figure out wher
e to go for dinner… it was late, and sunday, so we figured everything would be closed, we should just go to CCT. then i saw a billboard for Cracker Barrel. i convinced him to turn off that exit and see if they were open. as fate would have it, they were!
(we originally met at a Cracker Barrel outside of Pittsburgh on the way back from Beaverun back in March ’04… so, it has meaning for us)
a perfect way to end a perfect holiday/anniversary/vacation together
i couldn’t have asked for more.
i only wish there were words capable of describing how happy he makes me, and how much i love him…
i can’t believe how inrcedibly lucky i am to have him as my boyfriend.


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