ah, today was fun. but, before i explain why, i’ll explain how.
went to Atlantic City this past weekend with mom to meet up with pop-pop and sydelle. i hadn’t seen pop-pop in years, it was really great to see him, i’m so happy that he and mom are back on speaking terms after so long. he gave us each $100 to test our luck with, and for most of the night i was doing all right. i played slots since i figured that way i could make the money last longer and actually won $12 on *one* pull on a nickel slot and $18 on another pull on a quarter slot. at one point i was up $60 on nickel slots alone, impressive, but eventually lost some cash and wound up with $75 at the end of the night. technically, since i started with $0 and the money was someone else’s given to me, i was actually up $75, not down $25. the glass is half full my friend.
while at the Tropicana, mom and i went poking around some of the shops and she pretty much forced me to let her buy a dress. i didn’t want her to because i know neither of us can spare the cash, but in typical jew-mom fashion, she guilt
tripped me until i conceeded. actually, i’m happy about it because i love the dress and it looks great on me (matches my tattoo on my shoulder wonderfully) but i still feel guilty…
so, today with my “free” $75, Corinne and i went to KOP because she had to get a dress for Kern’s frat’s formal. she got a pretty dress at White&Black very similar to mine and looked lovely in it. we went to this really silly/trashy prom dress store to try on horrible monstrosities of tool and sequins. i played princess in the only size-2 in the entire store and consequently got yelled at by some power-tripping employee because i was twirling. her exact words to Cori and me, i shit you not “do you have an adult chaperone with you?” to which Cori and i both replied “we’re 22, fuck off, since when is it illegal to have fun?” god, some people can be such tightass cunts sometimes…
anyway, we went to a few other stores afterwards, i got some really cute work-clothes (for my future “job”) on sale and some tanks, a present for erik for valentine’s day, and a really pretty dress at Guess (cori and i both tried on the same dress and we both bought it, hah). then we went to dinner at Fridays and had their green bean fries which are awesome, and came home.
all in all it was a fun day playing dress up, and it was so nice for a change to be able to come home with stuff, espe
cially since it wasn’t out of pocket! 🙂
and now, pictures!

the White House | Black Market dress

the Guess dress

me playing princess in a beast of a dress

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