well, it seems i’m long overdue for an entry, as usual…
i started my final term here at Drexel last week. I managed to pull two As and two A+s last term which is great because that means i still have a chance to gruduate Summa Cum Laude, so long as i get all As this term as well.  it might be a PITA, but i’m sure i can do it.
i spent my spring break in atlanta with Erik. we didn’t really do much other than hang around the house, play airsoft and occasionally go out to dinner. we saw 300 at imax which was freaking incredible, and a couple other movies.  the bulk of our time was spent researching houses, meeting with our real estate agent Stacey, doing the whole pre-buying house thing and thankfully, actually looking at houses.
we looked at about 15 houses in person and actually found one that we absolutely fell in love with, but was a little too expensive for what we wanted to pay. affordable, yes, but it would’ve been unpleasant.
instead, we found another that was “perfect” for us and put in an offer.
as of yesterday, that offer was ac
pending an inspection (later this week) we will officially be homeowners as of May 30.
i’m SO excited!!
the house is in norcross, georgia and is a 4bedroom, 2.5bathroom 1635sqft on .8acres and was built in ’87. it’s got a fireplace and a 2-car attached garage with space for about 6 in the driveway ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely lawns, both front and back, and a really killer sunroom in the backyard. there’s even some woods and a little creek! except, since it’s the south, i’m calling it a “crick”. hah. the master bedroom is a decent size but the master bath is ginormous. best part? it’s got a guestroom! who wants to come visit?? ๐Ÿ™‚ plus, marty & sonja literally live right down the block. it couldn’t be more perfect.
otherwise, nothing exciting to report on.
i’m trying to get a head start on my work for the term since i have a feeling it’ll be busy what with graduating, moving, finding a job and buying a house and all.
it’s weird thinking about school finally coming to an end and how i’ll have to go out and be a “grown up” with a real job and a mortgage…
i’ve been tying up some loose ends around here, finally doing all that stuff i’ve been meaning to do since freshman year.
i actually got the courage to email someone who i used to be really close with but had a falling out about 2+ years ago…
his response definitly wasn’t anyth
ing to get excited over, although the response itself was more than i expected.
it’s sad knowing i lost someone who used to be so special, but, it’s been lost for a long time now…
at least i can say i tried…


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