I AM OFFICIALLY A HOMEOWNER!!1!!!oneone!1eleventyone!!!
also, a year older and somewhat sore from riding πŸ™‚
okay, first things first.
this was the first birthday i’d had in i can’t even remember how many years that didn’t totally suck.
i woke up to a sweet message on my phone from Erik, and as i was leaving for class i was greeting by a delivery guy carrying a *gorgeous* bouquet of a dozen long stem red roses in a pretty vase. he said “i assume you are 1F? okay, these are for you”. of course, Erik’s wonderful.
i cry every year on my birthday. this was the first time it was because i was actually happy…
also, it rained which is awesome because it’s now been 23 years in a row it’s rained on my birthday…
also, EJ kidnapped me and took me out for the best birthday dinner…
stuffed crust pizza at pizza hut and a love-it at coldstone. woot!

pretty roses from my pretty man πŸ™‚
so, the next day i had my w
eekly riding lesson which was *amaaaazing*
megan let me ride one of the private horses, a six year old draft-ish thing named Irish Cousin (“Cuz”) who is freaking HUGE, at least 17hh
i had an absolute blast. this horse was amazing. i’ve never had a horse so incredibly well trained to respond to my weight shifts.
i didn’t even have to use my leg or any rein to get him off the rail or to turn, i just shifted my weight like i was on a motorcycle. so cool!
then megan had us “gallop”.
i only believe in galloping if its a full-out balls to the wall break-neck speed gallop…
yeah, uh, for every lap everyone else’s horse did, we did two.
he was hands down one of the fastest horses i’d *ever* ridden, and it was amazing.
also, to get him to stop, i physically had to kick my legs out to the side so they weren’t even touching him, and completely let go of the reins. interesting and exciting. i suggest you all try this at home πŸ˜‰
then we jumped a bunch… after the first fence which Cuz jumped overly large and caught me slightly off guard, megan told me that “yeah, he’s used to jumping 4foot6in” okay, yeah, thanks, that explained a lot. needless to say i had an absolute freakin’ blast!
annnnyway, so, we finalized the contract on the house with the sellers today, which means i am officially a homeowner (or, at least, as close as i can be without actually beginning the escrow process, heh). we close on may 30 πŸ™‚

my new home in Norcross, GA!

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