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May 14, 2007

16 days until we close on the house!
erik and i are arguing over who gets what side of the garage 🙂
apparently, the “right” side is hotter territory than the “left”.
we’re trying to figure out where we will keep our 8-9 cars
considering we have a 2-car garage and a 6-car driveway
we haven’t even moved in yet and we already need a bigger place!
i’m also trying to decide what color to paint my “playroom”
i was thinking at first pretty light blue with white trim
then contemplating light/rose pink with gray trim…
comment & suggest paint schemes, i need help!!


May 8, 2007

went to target with alyssa and maura today…
alyssa and i wandered off to go play with horses,
and wound up sitting on the floor for about 15 minutes playing in the aisle.
at one point, a 40-something year old black lady and her teenage daughter wandered by and smiled,
so i asked her if she wanted to play with us.
she (the mom, not the daughter) got down on the floor with us,
and we had a horse race.
it was freaking awesome 🙂


May 7, 2007

i’ve been so busy lately… i graduate in 5 weeks (i can’t believe it’s so soon!) and i’ve been trying to make the most of this term, while still staying on top of my work.
it was Sarah’s 21st birthday on April 23rd, Maura’s 22nd on the 24th, my 23rd on the 17th and EJ’s boyfriend Zander’s 26th so we (plus EJ of course, Alyssa and her boyfriend Mark, Cori & Kern) decided to spend all day Saturday (the 28th) celebrating.
after Erik had taken me to Medieval Times, everyone really wanted to go so we road tripped up to North Jersey and saw the show there, which was fantastic.
definitly a ton of fun being there with horse-people, and the riders were a hell of a lot hotter than the ones in Georgia 😉
after, we drove out to Allentown to go to Montana West.  yeah, it’s a country bar with a mechanical bull. yeah, it was freakin awesome.  Sarah had never been to a bar before, and they were doing a bikini bull riding contest, so it was a really great night. we danced a bit and had a few beers. EJ, Alyssa, Cori and I signed up for the b
ikini ride and it was definitely a lot harder than i expected! i rode three times (once for practice and twice for the “competition”) but didn’t get thrown off once 😀
all in all, it was an absolutely perfect horse-people-birthday day 🙂
since it’s late and i’m lazy, i’ll just post pictures instead of posting more.

me and my new cowboy buddies in the background 😉

the contestants! EJ, me, Alyssa, Cori
we ride horses, men, *and* mechanical bulls!