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June 26, 2007

well, i’m officially a resident of atlanta. except that i don’t have a georgia driver’s license, or license plates, or a job. lol.
the drive down here was a total pain in the ass. erik’s flight wound up getting crazy delayed friday so we got a late start on saturday, then hit tons of traffic on the way and wound up finally getting in at 4am, ugh. 14 hours in a truck together and we surprisingly didn’t want to kill each other afterward. a good sign, yes? 🙂
anyway, the house is fantastic. needs a little cleaning since it was unoccupied for about a month (dead bugs, live bugs, ewww) but otherwise it’s perfect.
rob and kitty came over on sunday to help us move-in and unpack and whatnot.
we don’t really have any furniture yet so unpacking is slightly difficult.
our fridge was delivered today. a huge 25cuft bottom-freezer french-door LG that’s absolutely gorgeous.
i’m in love.
we went couch shopping yesterday and found a few things that looked promising but haven’t purchased anything yet.
i’m gonna run to target in a bit and pick up so
me stuff.
being a homeowner is so much fun!!
the first night we spent at home (home, what a lovely word!) we fell asleep with the blinds in the bedroom open, since it overlooks the backyard/woods we have total privacy, and watched the fireflies flickering in the dark. so romantic, so peaceful, so perfect.
i’m incredibly grateful to be out of philly.
we have really nice neighbors here which is a fantastic change from the jerks who lived upstairs at my old place.
i’m also incredibly grateful to erik for making this happen.


June 18, 2007

well, it’s official. i’m done with college, and i’ve got the $150,000 piece of paper to prove it.
friday night before graduation i picked erik up from the airport.
came back to my place, ordered chinese food and sat around.
next thing i know, The Girls (Alyssa, EJ, Sarah, Cori and Kern) walk in and are standing in my bedroom smiling
umm wtf?
then erik puts a huge present on my bed and tells me to “promise”
no idea what i was promising, but i promised to promise and tore off the paper
inside was a brand new pair of Ariat Crowne Field Boots.
they are so gorgeous
needless to say i started happy-crying instantly
(the promise was to not quit riding once i move to atlanta)
and i didn’t know who to hug first… my friends, or him, or the boots.
i chose the boots 🙂
i was later informed that they had all (*including* my parents and his parents!!!) been conspiring behind my back to surprise me
bastards! god i love my friends/boyfriend/families SO much.
i seriously think i am the
luckiest girl alive.
the next morning we woke up at 630am and got dressed…
robing was at 730am, so i dropped erik off to hang with my parents until graduation which started at 830am
sat around listening to random speeches during the ceremony
papadakis looked like flavor flav or a weird pimp or something…
our commencement speaker gave a funny speech about how 1/3 of us were paying attention, 1/3 were asleep, and the other third were having sexual fantasies. umm random? yeah, totally.
anyway, walked across the stage very uneventfully, got my fake diploma and sat around until it was over
i graduated Summa Cum Laude. thankfully.
mom got me a really pretty star bracelet from Tiffany’s 🙂
erik’s friends dennis and susan came to graduation since i had two extra tickets and they moved up from atlanta a while ago and i wanted him to spend time with his friends.
we all went out to breakfast afterward, then the parents and erik and i came back and took a nap.
did some cap & gown pictures with EJ and Alyssa later, then went to this really dope restaurant Paradigm in old city with EJ and her family for dinner
my parents surprisingly got along all night which was very surprising but much appreciated.
dinner was fun. the open bar was great and the food delicious.
spent sunday laying around in bed with erik napping and watching HGTV.
apparently a tree f
ell on our house but he didn’t want to tell me and upset my weekend.
how considerate 🙂
marty said that there weren’t any broken windows and the roof seems okay, so i’m not too worried.
meh, stuff happens…
anyway, this week i’m just hanging around packing, then moving saturday…

June 11, 2007

well, classes are officially over.
i managed to get three As and one A+, bringing my final GPA to 3.90
i will be graduating Summa Cum Laude 😀
it’s weird being done.
i’ve spent the past 5 years working so hard
and now that i have nothing to do,
it’s very strange and incredibly boring.
saturday was the ashford horse show.
i rode my lover freddie mercury and got first place in equitation walk/trot and walk/trot/canter
i was in a jumping class, but my ankle was killing me and to be perfectly honest
i really wasn’t paying all that much attention and accidentally went off course (oops)
so i got automatic last place, 5th, not bad because the ribbon is pretty and pink 😉
later that afternoon was the DUET BBQ at the barn
most of the team showed up and we had a really great time
it was heartbreakingly sad though knowing that it’s over…
some highlights from the night:
megan drunkenly slapping me in the face with an ear of corn
trying to get freddie, clint and traveller to come in from turnou
t by waving carrots and yelling “CARROTS!!!”
mr. big trying to drink cori’s beer
riding marvel for the first time, bareback, with only a halter and a leadrope as megan and suzie on killian and i drag raced up the hill towards the barn in the pitch dark (i won, of course)

me and freddie 🙂

Kern, Alyssa, me, Coach Megan, EJ, Cori

the beginning of the end of my life.

June 6, 2007

h’okay, so, it’s been a while since i’ve updated, and, as usual, a lot has happened.
we closed on the house. we are officially now homeowners (well, erik’s a homeowner. i’m a homeowner-dater).
the last day of classes is this friday, the 8th.
horse show at ashford this saturday, the 9th.
lebow graduation reception wednesday, june 13.
graduation is next saturday, june 16.
moving to atlanta, june 23.

what else…
been riding this fantastic darling little 4-year-old large-pony-small-horse appaloosa thing named Freddie Mercury who i am absolutely in love with lately.
i jumped cross country for the very first time last week and it was way more fun than i expected.
there’s this really awesome danger element because the jumps are solid (tree trunks, boulders, etc.) so you have to be extra careful to jump correctly, otherwise you stand the chance of getting *very* hurt. plus you’re running through long grass and fields and stuff, so you never can be too sure of the footing.
so i had tons of f
un, did a bunch of jumps and it was amaaaazing.
i’m definitely going to want to try this again 😀
today’s lesson was a lot of fun. we did lots of jumping, combinations and then a big course of about 9 jumps.
freddie only started jumping about three months ago supposedly so he’s still a little unsure of himself, but he’s got a heart of gold and tries so hard to please. he’s wonderful. what an angel…
spent the past few days in new york with erik for his five year columbia reunion.
thursday night we went to this really hip rooftop bar on 27th and 5th called 230fifth.
friday morning we had a tour of the butler library. we snuck off at one point into the stacks and, well, you can probably guess 😉 after we took a nap on one of the lawns because we were tired, then got changed into fancy clothes to go to dinner and then to casino night where we won tons of awesome non-class-of-2002 columbia stuff.
saturday was the dean’s day brunch followed by some columbia stuff and a classical music concert which was really good. after that was a wine tasting that got me nice and drunk (thanks columbia!) and a dinner where i sobered up and then a starlight cocktail party with champagne and dancing and other niceities.
sunday morning we had breakfast with his mom and hit the road back to philly so he could fly back to atlanta that afternoon.
it was cool getting to meet some of
his old friends, old roommates, etc.
plus it was really great getting to “say goodbye” to nyc… *sad*
k, that’s it for now!