well, classes are officially over.
i managed to get three As and one A+, bringing my final GPA to 3.90
i will be graduating Summa Cum Laude πŸ˜€
it’s weird being done.
i’ve spent the past 5 years working so hard
and now that i have nothing to do,
it’s very strange and incredibly boring.
saturday was the ashford horse show.
i rode my lover freddie mercury and got first place in equitation walk/trot and walk/trot/canter
i was in a jumping class, but my ankle was killing me and to be perfectly honest
i really wasn’t paying all that much attention and accidentally went off course (oops)
so i got automatic last place, 5th, not bad because the ribbon is pretty and pink πŸ˜‰
later that afternoon was the DUET BBQ at the barn
most of the team showed up and we had a really great time
it was heartbreakingly sad though knowing that it’s over…
some highlights from the night:
megan drunkenly slapping me in the face with an ear of corn
trying to get freddie, clint and traveller to come in from turnou
t by waving carrots and yelling “CARROTS!!!”
mr. big trying to drink cori’s beer
riding marvel for the first time, bareback, with only a halter and a leadrope as megan and suzie on killian and i drag raced up the hill towards the barn in the pitch dark (i won, of course)

me and freddie πŸ™‚

Kern, Alyssa, me, Coach Megan, EJ, Cori

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