well, it’s official. i’m done with college, and i’ve got the $150,000 piece of paper to prove it.
friday night before graduation i picked erik up from the airport.
came back to my place, ordered chinese food and sat around.
next thing i know, The Girls (Alyssa, EJ, Sarah, Cori and Kern) walk in and are standing in my bedroom smiling
umm wtf?
then erik puts a huge present on my bed and tells me to “promise”
no idea what i was promising, but i promised to promise and tore off the paper
inside was a brand new pair of Ariat Crowne Field Boots.
they are so gorgeous
needless to say i started happy-crying instantly
(the promise was to not quit riding once i move to atlanta)
and i didn’t know who to hug first… my friends, or him, or the boots.
i chose the boots 🙂
i was later informed that they had all (*including* my parents and his parents!!!) been conspiring behind my back to surprise me
bastards! god i love my friends/boyfriend/families SO much.
i seriously think i am the
luckiest girl alive.
the next morning we woke up at 630am and got dressed…
robing was at 730am, so i dropped erik off to hang with my parents until graduation which started at 830am
sat around listening to random speeches during the ceremony
papadakis looked like flavor flav or a weird pimp or something…
our commencement speaker gave a funny speech about how 1/3 of us were paying attention, 1/3 were asleep, and the other third were having sexual fantasies. umm random? yeah, totally.
anyway, walked across the stage very uneventfully, got my fake diploma and sat around until it was over
i graduated Summa Cum Laude. thankfully.
mom got me a really pretty star bracelet from Tiffany’s 🙂
erik’s friends dennis and susan came to graduation since i had two extra tickets and they moved up from atlanta a while ago and i wanted him to spend time with his friends.
we all went out to breakfast afterward, then the parents and erik and i came back and took a nap.
did some cap & gown pictures with EJ and Alyssa later, then went to this really dope restaurant Paradigm in old city with EJ and her family for dinner
my parents surprisingly got along all night which was very surprising but much appreciated.
dinner was fun. the open bar was great and the food delicious.
spent sunday laying around in bed with erik napping and watching HGTV.
apparently a tree f
ell on our house but he didn’t want to tell me and upset my weekend.
how considerate 🙂
marty said that there weren’t any broken windows and the roof seems okay, so i’m not too worried.
meh, stuff happens…
anyway, this week i’m just hanging around packing, then moving saturday…

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